Smooth and Turrell

Smooth and Turrell

Hear the new track from Smoove and Turrell as we premiere Fight On from forthcoming album Crown Posada.

Forming after a chance introduction between DJ / Producer Smoove and singer John Turrell they’ve quickly become a well-loved soul and dance act. Latest album Crown Posada builds on that reputation for mixing social commentary with dancefloor-ready rhythms.

Fight On is a soul track and typical of the sound of this band and tells the tale of how even heroes struggle to survive in modern Britain. In it, like across the rest of the album, you can hear as much of their electronic and disco as their soul and funk influences as well as their unapologetically working class background.


Smoove and Turrell Crown Posada is out on CD, as download and on LP via Jalapeno Records on 14 October 2016. Find the band on their website, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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