Remake/remodel : Smiths reform rumours continue
Remake/remodel : Smiths reform rumours continue

Remake/remodel : Smiths reform rumours continue
Remake/remodel : Smiths reform rumours continue

There are more rumours about the Smiths reforming.

The story which Louderthanwar  reported first a year ago seems to be picking up steam. We have reported a couple of bits of gossip in the last few months ourselves.

Johnny Marr has just tested ‘Hey Everybody !! Amazing news !….My amp is fixed ! Johnny. what does this all mean?

The latest rumour comes from music website, MusicNews, who claim that the band are on the verge of reforming…

‘This announcement comes after a source revealed that the 80s icons had been in talks to perform with a well-known promoter. The decision was said to have been made after fellow Mancunians, The Stone Roses, gave in and reformed.The Smiths had previously turned down a lucrative offer of over 76 million pounds to tour the US. Watch this space…’

Whether they are putting 2 and 2 together or heard something new is hard to tell…or this is the latest gossip or wishful thinking…

Whether true or not is another matter. The major promoter is saying nothing and the Smiths camp is saying nothing as well…rumour or fact? watch this space.

Morrissey is in the middle of a successful solo world tour, Johnny Marr is not short of work and his new version of the Healers is doing good stuff and Morrissey’s solo career is still a major deal no matter what the knockers say.
A recent interview with the great Johnny Marr in Rolling Stone has added a further twist to the story.

Who will be in the band and what form it would take if it happened is another story…

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