smiths_-_meat_is_murderThe rumour mill is a mill that never stays still.

Gawd that even sounds like a Morrissey lyric and this week the Smiths reform etc story was getting lots of chatter in local hostelries. Of course have all been here before and it all usually turns to dust and both the key players have rightly kybosh rumours ruours every time they turn up.

But, apart from unsubstantiated rumours, could this be the time for one of the most yearned for reformations in rock to finally happen.

There’s a lot against it – Johnny Marr has more than established himself as a solo artist and that’s a tough trick to pull off when you are from an iconic band. Not just sales wise but quality wise and his last album is one of the albums of the year. Also there is plenty of baggage – there is always baggage with bands and Morrissey and Marr seems poles apart these days but then as we all know what people say in interviews may not be what they really feel.

It’s true that Morrissey has had a difficult year with his last tour imploding after one interview too many but there is a lot of residual love out there for the iconic singer and a lot of fans waiting for something more positive to support – not that the solo career was down the pan – the last Morrissey album was a fine record but he may need something big to grab the flickering flame of fame again.

Also now the indie generation is approaching 60 it’s last chance to make amends for not just the Smiths. The key players could easily carry on with their own lives and have both proved they can exist beyond the mothership but there must be that nagging feeling that U2 and REM are still the biggest bands from that indie guitar decade when it shoulda coulda been the Smiths…

Comebacks are part of the drama of rock n roll. Like Ali picking himself up over and over to win at the last gap Morrissey has done it before with comebacks and this is a higher mountain to climb but sometimes that plays in your favour and a Smiths reformation would open the floodgates and change everything – it’s only one phone call away…

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