Social Distortion get the drinks in
Social Distortion get the drinks in

Social Distortion get the drinks in

A small market town in the UK has banned a legal high.

The substance that has been legal for centuries and was even taken by Jesus in the bible has been banned by authorities in the town. A spokesperson said that every weekend large gangs of young people descended on the town centre and took the legal substance causing them to vomit and in some cases get violent and fight in the streets.

‘People have no idea of the damage this stuff causes. Every week our local hospitals and police stations are full of people suffering from the consequences of taking the substance in its liquid form. Gangs of youth congregate in town centre rooms and take it together, often in the liquid form and then suffer the consequences of the poison.’

With more death and misery cause by taking the drug it’s a surprise that no-one has ever done this before but ‘the dealers that make it give political parties millions of pounds and have become quite respectable over time.’

“if it was a pill that people took that makes their legs give away and repeat themselves for hours it would have been banned years ago but because it has an initial subtle effect before the hardcore effects kick in it has gone unnoticed.’

Large profits are made from the drug which is sold in small garishly lit rooms called ‘pubs’ and the drug has nicknames to confuse the authorities like ‘booze’.

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