Slug: Demo ReviewSlug: Demo (Self-Released)
Released Dec 2012

Slug is a London-based anarcho-punk that was born sometime in 2012 when past members of Active Slaughter and Bug Central came together and met vocalist Sam and lead guitarist Phil. Deeply anti-fascist in its ethos, Slug has written and performed songs about homophobia, sexism and class war; and I first got to see the band at a recent benefit gig in Bradford, which I was also a part of.

Impressed with what I heard that day, I decided to download Slug’s free seven-track demo to add to my music collection shortly afterwards. Having listened to the demo twenty to thirty times through already, I have to say it’s a pretty well accomplished piece of work, especially considering it’s the first compilation of music the band has put out.

From the aggressively-paranoid ‘Propaganda’ to the revolution-calling ‘Changing’, the songs are raw and message-driven. The personal story told on ‘Locked Down’ is especially powerful (depicting guitarist JJ’s incarceration after his anti-animal testing campaign, if I’m not mistaken); while the anti-Tory ‘Blue Blood’ is as under/working-class as they come (“Born better/are they fuck/just Toffs/too much luck/looking down their golden throne/waiting you die alone”).


There’s a lot of potential for punk fans to get excited about here. Sam’s vocals are very unorthodox and command every track; while the lead-guitar work done by Phil is certainly another ear-opener (check ‘Sense Of Apathy’). All in all, pretty damn good; with any luck, Slug will be working on a full-length album sometime soon.

The demo can be downloaded fro FREE from SLUG

Forthcoming Slug gigs:

Sat 7th December – The Underworld w/Conflict, Subhumans + more
Fri 13th December – The Grosvenor w/English Dogs, Aids + more

All words by Andy Carrington. More of Andy’s writing can be found at his author archive. Be sure to also check out his website and Twitter.

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  1. I gotta say that at this years North London Punx Picnic, SLUG were the most positive, motivational and angry band I saw. Whilst there were some great bands playing, at times some put across a message that they are resigned to a depressing fate of the planet and its inhabitants being fucked over by a capitalist system and all the drab depressive the sky is falling in morbidity is no way to fight back. SLUG were having fun and sticking 2 fingers to the system rather than cowering from it. They put into practice the punk rock attitude: It’s not how well you can play, it’s how you play it and if it ain’t fun it ain’t worth fighting for.


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