Slowthai was involved in TWO altercations at last night’s NME Awards at the O2 Brixton Academy.

The first was when he picked up an award for ‘Hero of the Year’ when he bizarrely made sexual comments towards presenter comedian Katherine Ryan.

“You got jealous, innit? She got JEALOUS EVERYBODY! Smell my cologne…You ain’t never had someone play with you liked I’d play with you”, the visibly drunk rapper asks Ryan. The comments appear even more bizarre due to the fact that, only moments prior, Slowthai made a plea for the acceptance and inclusion of all minority groups.

Katherine Ryan

Ryan was left stunned but handled the situation well by replying with sarcasm, “You are like, the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. I am so thirsty for your c**k. Thank you for the attention. Let’s hear it for him, he’s so hot! So hot! I’m so wet I’m going to slip off these stairs any minute, oh my god! He’s amazing!”.

Ryan has since tweeted, “He didn’t make me uncomfortable. This is why we need women in positions of power. I knew he had lost from the moment he opened his mouth like any heckler coming up against a COMIC – not a woman – a COMIC. I was operating 2/10. What a sweet boy. I defused it”.

Moments later a male member of the audience heckled the rapper by shouting out that he was a misogynist. Slowthai retaliated by throwing his drink and microphone at the man before jumping into the crowd to get closer to him. Security intervened and separated the two men.

Photos © Paul Grace

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