Sleepy Sun: Spine Hits – album review

Sleepy Sun: Spine Hits (ATP Recordings)
Out Now

On their latest album Sleepy Sun continue their slow transition from hard rock to soft psychedelia with an album that may have it’s moments but overall aint great, according to our writer Nick Wood.

Back in 1995, The Verve released A Northern Soul. In 2012 Sleepy Sun finally get round to releasing its follow up. It’s like the last 17 years haven’t happened. Is that a bad thing? I love A Northern Soul, I think it’s a shame Richard Ashcroft and his bunch of chappies didn’t continue writing music like that rather than the abomination of “Bittersweet Symphony”. But”¦

Well this album is hardly likely to set the world alight. Sleepy Sun just seem to have lost what it was that made “Embrace” such a good album. Whilst there are certain pleasant moments to be enjoyed, it all just seems very mainstream and safe.

The music still features their English Folk, American Soft rock and 70’s pop influences throughout without ever leaving first gear. Second track “She Rex” gave me a small amount of encouragement and Boat Trip brought to mind something from Band of Horses first album, but two out of eleven, as Meatloaf didn’t sing is a pretty poor show.

One can only hope they get back on track soon. I’ll look for an EP in the near future featuring 3 bright, sparkly new tracks which completely blow me away. In the meantime, I’m afraid I’ll just hide this one away and class it as a blot on their otherwise great landscape.

Sleepy Sun’s website is here. They are on Twitter as @sleepysunmusic & are on Facebook here.

All words by Nick Wood. More Louder Than War articles by Nick can be found here.

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