tcr-coverSleaford Mods -video for lead track from forthcoming EP – TCR -shot by Simon Parframent.


The Sleaford Mods have unveiled (sorry but I fuckin’ refuse to say ‘dropped’) a video for the song TCR as a taster for a new EP to be released in a months time.


On first listen it’s business as usual.  Second listen, it’s great… nuff said.

“Going-out is for young people…”

“Elvis has definitely left the fuckin’ building!”



 Sleaford Mods’ “T.C.R” EP, out 14th October on Rough Trade Records.


Stream “T.C.R” on Spotify and Apple Music


Sleaford Mods dot com 


Jason Williamson is interviewed by Russ Litten at Lyricull Festival at Hull Central Library on Sept 22nd  – tickets from here  


All words Ged Babey


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