Jason Williamson singer of Sleaford Mods live at the Junction in Cambridge on the 8 Oct 2015

Sleaford Mods live at the Junction in Cambridge on the 8 Oct 2015And so it continues…
The latest victim of the Labour Party membership suspensions is Sleaford Mods frontman, Jason Williamson, for “online abuse”

It comes as Jeremy Corbyn supporters makes claims of a “rigged purge” ahead of this month’s party leadership election.

A Corbyn fan he is the latest in a string of Labour Party supporters and members who have been banned from voting in the leadership contest because they do not “share the aims and values of the Labour Party.”

Williamson called the Labour Party “absolute scum” for its decision, which he also described as “weak”.

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  1. A few seconds spent on Google brings up the following:

    17 July 2016 – “it’s almost unexplainable. I’m numb in hate.”
    19 July 2016 – “Owen Smith couldn’t stop a car full of babies. Fuckin twat.”
    26 July 2016 – “Hiya. That Owen Smith. Wtf.”
    16 Aug 2016 – “Why is Owen Fuckin Smith emailing. Fuck labour.”
    16 Aug 2016 – “@jetfury telling me he’s concerned. I’ll Fuckin give him something to be concerned about.”

    That “new kind of politics”. Ok, it’s what he does but jesus it’s getting tedious now.

  2. As a trade unionist it is starting to disgust me how my political party is conducting affairs currently, we’re not fucking tories! JC 4 PM.

  3. williamson comes across as an uncouth moron. the typical 40 something know-it-all nobhead who actually knows fuck all. and that’s exactly who he appeals to an all. vids on youtube are a laugh – fellow morons who piss themselves shouting out the swear words.

  4. I have been suspended from the Labour party for saying I am “disgusted” with the Labour shadow cabinet resigning following EU referendum and for calling Hillary Benn a “traitor”. Apparently this is ‘abuse’ and now I cannot vote in the leadership election…. (for Corbyn, I might add).

    This leadership election is rigged.


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