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The Skids have announced plans for a 40th anniversary tour for 2017. Dates and festivals are being booked for May and June 2017 for the line up built around charismatic frontman Richard Jobson.

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  1. Interesting. Never saw them first time around (too young) so would go now…but could Stuart Adamson really be replaced? His guitar playing at least on the early stuff was the driving force behind the classic tunes. Such a sad tale how he ended up.

  2. Saw them at Dunfermline a few years ago last time they reformed. They were awesome, Bruce Watson along with Jamie absolutely nailed the guitar parts, a band not to be missed!

  3. Saw them as support to The Stranglers, ‘headlining’ at Grannies Club atop the old Prince of Wales porn cinema in Cardiff & then at the Top Rank for Days in Europa. It won’t be quite the same without Adamson, but I’ll be looking out for a Manchester show.

    • Was at the Top Rank gig, long story but barged into them eating there pre gig lunch, they were supported by Fingerprintz who were also brilliant, but the highlight was singing Charles with Stuart Adamsom – Great gig, cant wait for the Anniversary tour

  4. Must have seen them in around 1980 in Brighton. I was trying to remember the support. May have been The Tea Set.

  5. Saw them twice at the Russell club Manchester,they did two gigs in one night an early show called skids for kids then a later one attended by loads of skinheads.

  6. If this band do tour again then it is a total no brainer . I’ve saw them twice in glasgow and the most recent one in the abc a few years back and it was absolutely sensational stuff from Richard jobson and Co. He vowed after that gig that it was the last. But I hope they tour again as they are unbelievable live . They nailed every single song . Fantastic stuff

    • Totally agree. I don’t know why but I feel sadder listening to Skids stuff than Big Country- maybe because he was so young-so much potential! Never met him but I was same age and always felt like he could have been a friend-silly really.

  7. OMG!
    Had just put on my Skids hits CD on and thought must see if there’s any online info on them -well pleased!
    Saw them at the old Hammersmith Palais back in the late 70s, yeah, I’m as old as old Jobbo so well excited.
    Loved seeing them on totp,anyone remember Jobbos
    weird dancing while miming at the same time?Also saw Undertones at the Palaus and caught up with them last year on tour (and this year hopefully.)
    If the Stones,AC/DC,Who can keep on touring,why not all the great poppunk/new wave bands from back then?

  8. Saw the Skids at Southampton last night, 21st June. Greatest Father’s Day gift ever from my three boys.


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