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My dedicated headphone moment for today lays with an extremely special artist called Tim De Groof aka Sixfingerz whom I have been locked into for the past 5/6 years now.
He is a Belgian (Antwerp) Producer, Musician, Sampler, Remixer who has had me captivated from my initial listen into his  enthralling experimental zone and have felt deeply moved and  inspired by his innate artistic touches which he blends so concisely. I can sense that his relationship & understanding of music is an intense one and without doubt holds the perspective that music is a life long journey.
Its his defining delicate intricacies which he incorporates into his works which captivate me, like an artist with his brush strokes; adding fine detail & shaping the atmosphere with colours and unique perspective on how the light and shadows fall within their painting, Sixfingerz, in the same way crafts sonic artwork for the mind to absorb through his alluring, timeless productions.
Its been wonderful watching him grow in his experimentation. These days his use of space is just as important as the organic sounds he weaves giving a deep atmospheric aura to his overall sound design. In his most recent album ‘Endromidae’ he delivers a masterful fusion of hip-hop, beat-scene, trip-hop, dubstep, soul and jazz, throwing blends of uber modern styles with past fusions perfectly. He draws a wide expansive range of emotion along with a unique complexity like no other artist i have ever come across, managing to carry it all with a delightful finesse into a futuristic utopia which I would happily ever after live in.
Sixfingerz currently sits on an Irish record label called We Grow Wax who have launched a flexible ‘Indiegogo’ crowd funding campaign to help Sixfingerz press his latest album ‘Endromidae’ to Vinyl  There is two months left for this campaign so I highly recommend you help this incredibly talented artist out with his creative endeavour. He gives so much to his followers with his unique musical finesse that I feel its only natural to support him in whatever way necessary.You can donate on the following link if your heart desires:
Personally I have been humbled and blessed to come in contact with Sixfingerz and have taken great pride in sending him interview questions for an insightful view into his world of music and current music projects. That interview is currently in the pipeline which you will be able to catch tight here on Louderthanwar
If you haven’t tuned into Sixfingerz before I highly recommend you delve into his collection of music which is on his SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/sixfingerz I chose this specific track ‘Forest’ today as my headphone moment because i absolutely adore where it takes me. Its uplifting and intriguing to delve into. I feel this particular track owns a more varied electronic direction, experimenting with electro, break & funk as well as owning a jazzy tip; that combined with a graceful ambience, I feel this divine piece of music truly stands as stunning testament to his incredible skills.
This is my homage to a true inspiration of mine.
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