six organs of admittance

six organs of admittanceSix Organs of Admittance have released a brand new taster from their forthcoming album Companion Rises due out on the 21st February via Dag City.

With “Haunted and Known”, the second single from the forthcoming Companion Rises, Ben Chasny’s darkly ominous acoustic riff is wound with elegantly resonating synth and electric guitar tones, unwinding seductively before becoming engulfed by the static drift of granular synthesizer.  A deep ballad to begin with, “Haunted and Known” is floated into a liquid world of non-linear waves, representing in microcosm the sonic spectre described by Kristen Gallerneaux in her “literary mixtape” High Static, Dead Lines.

With heightened perceptions, “Haunted and Known”, along with the rest of Companion Rises, demonstrates sci-folk at the right time for the terrifying new decade.

Stream “Haunted and Known” here

six organs
Track Listing

Two Forms Moving
The Scout Is Here
Black Tea
Companion Rises
The 101
Haunted And Known
Mark Yourself
Worn Down to the Light


Six Organs of Admittance can be found via their website or via Twitter where they tweet as @6organs

Drag City can be found via their website  or via Twitter where they tweet as @dragcityrecords

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