Six Organs Of Admittance

Six Organs Of Admittance


Six Organs Of Admittance

Cluny, Newcastle

14th June 2017

A spellbinding evening from one of the finest musicians around, this stripped back setting allows his powerful songs to shine through!

Ben Chasny is a musical chameleon his variety of projects effortlessly cross a variety of genres, tonight he arrives in Newcastle to a crowd of adoring fans. His usual band setup for his Six Organs Of Admittance guise are not present this evening, instead it is a purely acoustic show. However, local duo Cath & Phil Tyler are first to take to the stage, their mix of Americana and traditional folk music is the perfect warm up for this evening.

They flit from dark and haunting to chirpy and upbeat at the drop of a hat, the passion exudes from the duo. Their emotive instrumentals coupled with their eerie ghost stories, it’s an exceptional set from the duo. With the stage perfectly set for Six Organs Of Admittance, Ben quietly takes to the bare stage and takes his seat.

He opens with the beautiful St. Eustace, his outstanding guitar skills are on show from the off. His harsh words that are strewn throughout the rest of the set are what really hits home this evening, his ability to change the set based upon his feeling rather than a regimented set list when he is backed by a band. His set is predominantly laced with misery throughout, Ben does joke when switching to a song about birds though.

It’s a brief abating of the macabre subjects that otherwise underpin the set, but one that raises a chuckle from the adoring crowd. It’s the likes of Hold But Let Go and Bless Your Blood, that really impress on this occasion. Ben makies these complex and harsh songs look extremely effortless, his power and passion are completely understated. Without his band, he is completely mesmerising as the darkness in these tracks is stripped back for all to see.

Where a band can be overpowering, this stripped back setup allows Chasny to shine, even a cover of Faust’s It’s A Rainy Day (Sunshine Girl) takes on a completely different tone. His stage presence is utterly captivating, the excitement and enthusiasm he conjures up between tracks is equally commendable. His willingness to ignore his set list and go with his gut, it’s a set that has everything and no one is left disappointed. Tonight Six Organs Of Admittance really shines through with Chasny’s personality and enthusiasm making the whole evening truly wonderful.

Six Organs Of Admittance can be found online here He also tweets as @6Organs.

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