Siouxsie: Royal Festival Hall – live reviewSiouxsie

Royal Festival Hall

june 2013

There she is resplendent in a white Pam Hogg PVC number looking like a goddess and defining the word icon whilst back on stage for the first time in five years. It’s about time and her very appearance is rapturously received. A real star surrounded by garden gnomes Siouxsie is as terrifying and beautiful as ever, a genuine one off in an industry of averages.

Siouxsie has got history and her age is only making her better and better as she launches into a song by song take down of her fab Kaleidoscope album. There is not a dry thigh in the house as her voice sweeps and soars over these songs that not only sound tracked but helped to kick start music revolutions decades ago when these sort of things really mattered.

She struts, cajoles and occupies each song with her body all shapes and angles and it’s welcomed with a rare kind of excitement. Any set that kicks off with Happy House is going to be a winner and you are struck by the musical versatility and imagination of the Banshees at their peak when they took the audacious jump into an esoteric and malevolently beautiful pop music after they had already redefined punk on their own terms.

If that was not enough, she then returns to the stage for a mini greatest hits stage that still doesn’t need all the hits and includes that great take on the Beatles Dear Prudence before ending with the fab Into A Swan from her last release – that divine solo album from five years ago.

It’s been far too long Siouxsie. Even icons have to visit us more often.

1. “Happy House”

2. “Tenant”

3. “Trophy”

4. “Hybrid”

5. “Clockface”

6. “Lunar Camel”

7. “Christine”

8. “Desert Kisses”

9. “Red Light”

10. “Paradise Place”

11. “Skin”

12. “Eve White/Eve Black”

13. “Israel”

14. “Arabian Knights”

15. “Cities in Dust”

16. “Dear Prudence”

17. “Loveless”

18. “Face to Face”

19. “Careless Love”

20. “Here Comes the Day”

21. “Into a Swan”

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