Simon Worral from the Paris Angels RIP...
Simon Worral from the Paris Angels RIP...

Simon  Worrall from the Paris Angels RIP...
Simon Worrall from the Paris Angels RIP...
Simon Worrall, drummer from the Paris Angels died suddenly last week (Nov 1st 2011)

A Fund has been launched to help Simon’s family pay for his funeral the details are:

Account number 00304648
Sort Code 16-30-13
Account name Big Si

Please include your name and give what you can. Much love from John,Chris and LTW.

The Paris Angels were one of the great lost bands of the baggy Madchester era.

From the east side of the city, hailing from Guide Bridge, Ashton-under-Lyne, they were made up of total music heads, fanatics who were just too young for punk but grew up with its shadow over them they went through all the cool musics. By the time I caught up with them- to interview them for Sounds in the late eighties they were walking musical encyclopedias. They were not rock stars- just smart kids who made music as valid as the soon to be big bands in the city.

Simon was their drummer, a big lad with a big grin.

I remember meeting Simon that day and he was really affable- a great drummer and a total dude. I would see him round town at gigs and clubs and he was always the same.

They were very much part of the early Roses/Mondays scene and were regular faces at the gigs, I would see them all the time hanging out at the legendary Boardwalk club checking out all the latest bands or at the Hacienda living the day-glo dream.

The band were very much part of the scene infrastructure, Paul ‘Wags’ Wagstaff, the guitar player would later be in Black Grape and the reformed Happy Mondays, Mark Adj- is the brother of ‘the Adge’ the Stone Roses fifth member and mainstay whilst the rest of the band was made up of scene faces, Rikki Turner, Steven Taji, Scott Carey- the original Inspiral’s bass player who nearly joined the Stone Roses just before Mani- as well as singer Jane Gill and Simon Worrall himself.

The band were heavily into the post punk and Velvet Underground scenes but with a genuine raw council estate take on the music. When acid house came they combined the two in a genuine way that many others tried to fake. Their single ‘Perfume’ is one of the classics of the era produced by Michael Johnson; and released on Sheer Joy records. It stands the test of time- a great piece of melancholic, psychedelic Manc-pop. A classic of its era.

There were other singles and a proper record deal with Virgin and a new single ‘Fade’ and the re-released ‘Perfume’ to back up the Paris Angels only album, ‘Sundew’, John Peel recognised the band’s talent and gave them a session- unusual as he was never a champion of the Madchester scene, maybe he saw something different in the band…

They fell apart in 1991 as Madchester went out of fashion and their lives became too crazy.

Farewell Simon, you will be missed.

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. At least spell th band name properly. In your article, you refer to them as Paris Angles. 45 degree angles? 90 degree angles? It’s disrespectful.

      • Ian – last time I looked ‘the’ had an ‘e’ in it. Just saying…typo’s happen…

        Didn’t know Simon that well, but I knew him through Dawn and Steve….Talked to him in the Tame Valley just a week before he passed. I remember thinking then, as I always did, and as everyone else seems to, what a genuinely nice fella.

        Rest easy big fella….

  2. Very sad to hear this news. The Paris Angels were an integral part of the soundtrack to my teenage years. Saw them live a few times and met the band after a gig in Derby. They were all happy to sign (and subsequently deface!) my copy of Sundew. I even have a used set of Simon’s sticks somewhere in my loft. Such a nice affable bloke and such a shame. RIP Simon

  3. Remembering great times and great laffffs on the road with Si and the Paris Angels. ‘Perfume’ is still one of my favourite tracks from that era and I still play the vinyl. Love and heartfelt condolences to Si’s family and friends.

  4. Me too Ian, what laughs! Perfume was brilliant…love the vid…I crack up at Jane’s spaced out face (& all the memories) everytime I see it :oD

    Such awfully sad news that our gentle giant ‘Big Si’ has gone already.

    His family are in our thoughts xx

  5. Simon was a cool guy, my neighbour that I saw now and again, Simon came to a Party and a meal night and was all in all a top guy, polite and entertaining, I remember Simon and Dawn running down our street for some Cider I didn’t want (I’m sure the door was knocked even before the offer was half a minute old on facebook)
    Peace Simon, love to your close friends Steve & Dawn x

  6. Such sad loss. I had many a time with big Si on various outings. From p.a.s on the road to clubbing,gigs,playing footy, watching city and our legendary Monday snooker nights which always made me late for work the following day Also the superb debut in goal for our Sunday league team The Sun. Si’s record:- played one, lost one, conceded one,broken finger one. He begets played for us again retiring through injury! Also our argument on who .w ould sit next to Timps sister at a city match. He won in the grounds that his hairstyle was crazier than my pony tail of the time. Oh and the Chinese groupies in London……… Top geezer, I like many others am gutted.

  7. I heard this very sad news today from Badly Drawn Boy on 6Music.

    I’ll always remember Simon for his big, warm personality, his openness and his enthusiasm, not to mention his drumming skills.

  8. Had many good nights out with big fella back in the days of The State, The Boardwalk, The Banshee, Rockworld etc Always a great laugh, treasured memories, a sad loss indeed. RIP fella.

  9. he’s passed away tragically , stop bleating about errors in grammar … you can understand it can’t you ? say something worthwhile /positive or stfu …

  10. Si’s funeral details: Friday 25th November

    Christ Church
    Manchester Road
    Denton M34 3RN
    @ 12:15pm

    Audenshaw Cemetery
    Cemetery Road
    Audenshaw M34 5AH
    @ 1:15pm

    Tame Valley Pub
    Park Rd
    Dukinfield SK16 5LX

  11. What a lovely big guy simon was! i have lots of memories of simon and all the gang from the paris angels, to all the clubs and mad parties in and around manchester.
    We had the best /maddest bonfire nights (crazy simon letting fireworks off in his mouth)and his mum going mad lol shouldn’t laugh, but you had to see it to believe it.
    I for one will be there friday to say goodbye x

  12. just seeing the word ‘funeral’ seems to make it real. it’s hit me now and i can’t believe it. sure will be there next week to wave goodbye to me daft ol’ mate, with a tear in my eye but a smile on my face. some of the funniest times of my life … sleep tight angel xxxx

  13. Flippin eck Si, you had me worried there for a bit with regards to your funeral! Thanks for waiting til i get back from Italy from watching our mighty blues. You know i’ll be there on Friday to say goodbye to my ‘2nd’ Uncle Simon. Typical you arranging it for my son’s birthday just so i’ll never forget….as if i would! Love you mate xxx

  14. Simon was my Friend. From the Hac and the Boardwalk to the Birch. Anytime anything went on he was right there. I would have enjoyed seeing you one more time. Thing is ,when my time comes and we meet again you will have been there longest and have seniority. Just so you know, I’m not doing what you tell me…… Also, if we have to get a cab somewhere its your turn to get out last….. I hated being the fastest…… Love you man.

  15. …I’m just a fan but I get really sad to hear these news. Paris Angels are my favorite group of the Madchester era and they have meant a lot to me while growing up in South America were I’m from. RIP Simon. Thanks for your beautiful drumming!

  16. […] Peel Day, the band are going to continue the fundraising campaign for their much missed drummer,Si Worrall. On Monday 18th Feburary 2013, Distant Drums ~ a compilation album featuring a selection of tracks […]


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