The Cure’s legendary bass player Simon Gallup seems to have  left the band or is ‘no longer a member of The Cure’ according to a post on his own Facebook page. Not officially confirmed yet by the band but the post Simon Gallup ‘no longer a member of The Cure’seems to  be pretty final. It’s a shock to fans as the bass player was core to the group along with Robert Smith and his brilliant bass playing a key element to the band’s sound. He has left before after a fall out after the Pornography tour and returned  but that was decades ago…where that leaves the new album is anyone’s guess or if there can be some sort of truce? Or if the post was hopefully in jest?


the band were stunning at the last gig we saw them at as John Robb reported here


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  1. He has since deleted his Facebookpost, and other people (his son, Pearl Thompson) have deleted posts relating to it.

    Drunken rant made after staying up too late on Saturday night?

    He has left The Cure once officially and at least twice unofficially (after Wish, he apparently doesn’t play on Burn, and before Wild Mood Swings, he doesn’t play on several b-sides used from those sessions) so this is to be taken with a pinch of salt.

    I won’t be surprised if they never comment on it.


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