sign the petition to keep Manchester Night and Day venue open- don’t let this classic venue get shut

Manchester’s Night and Day is one of the key venues in the city with many great gigs and key music moments happening there in the past 20 plus years since it opened.

It was also the flagship venue that caused the redevelopment of the Northern Quarter in the city- a redevolopment that has become a key part of the city’s cultural fabric.

This also means that the area has had flats built all over it and the usual problems with people moving into a funky city centre neighbourhood and then complaining about the noise! the latest case is someone who has moved in next door to the venue and complained about the noise! (you move next door to a venue that’s been open for 20 plus years and you complain about the noise- what’s that about!)

Whilst we find it hard to beleive that anyone could move into a city centre and not know that it might be noisy a tad hard to believe and also wonder how they can be so selective in their noise complaints and never seem to bother about the sounds of traffic, buses, trains and 1000 other bars in the city centre and then wonder why they don’t just go and live in the leafy suburbs we admit we have a problem on our hands which boils down to…

Don’t Let Them Close Manchester Night And Day Sign The Petition¬†HERE.

Manchester’s council, which has profited in financial and fashionable terms with the reflected glory of the city’s music culture which is respected internationally has issued a Statutory Nuisance Abatement Notice on the venue which is as almost as shocking as moving next door to a venue and complaining about the noise- the whole thing sounds like an episode of Father Ted with it’s stupidity and farce but this is a real issue and we urge you to sign the petition.


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