Screenshot 2019-02-03 at 11.46.17We are living in ugly times. That much we know.

Every day another story. Another act of mean spirited 21st-century behaviour. From Trump’s build the wall to Theresa May’s deportation of older Jamaicans from the Uk after they have spent their lives grafting away in our country and paying their way and becoming a treasured part of our culture and communities.

As a patriotic British person I’m proud of our cultural mix and our generous community spirit – that’s the UK I know and love and one that is being eroded by these mean spirited charlatans with their ugly rhetoric.

Enough is enough!

It’s time the real voices of the UK were heard – we cannot tolerate these deportations of our people.

Please sign the petition.

This is from the campaign against the deportations…


We are coordinating a community campaign against the deportation of over 50 Jamaicans this Tuesday, including several Mancunians.

One of those Mancunians is a jungle/d’n’b DJ, community worker and music tutor who has been here since the age of 4, that’s for over 41 years.

Please sign and share the petition below…


  1. It would be inhuman to deport these people, sending them back to nothing and forcing them to leave their families.

  2. the 1st black man I saw in real life was when I was 11 years old,66 years ago ,he became my wonderful brother-in-law.he had a wonderful family and i have fought colour prejudice ever since.


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