Rename Manchester Airport as Mark E Smith International Airport

Many airports have honoured local cultural icons by naming airports – John Lennon Airport in Liverpool, Pablo Picasso Airport in Malaga to name but two. In the light of the death of Manchester’s greatest cultural icon, we call upon Manchester Airport to be renamed after Mark E Smith of The Fall.

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  1. I think it would represent the airport and the city well, and honor a lot of Mancunians who embody the fiercely proud Northern spirit for which Mark E. Smith was famous. Hopefully the airport code MES isn’t taken… honestly, even if it is, take it back.

  2. If Lennon, Kennedy. Indira Gandhi and soharto have airports why shouldn’t Manchester. I’m sure pedants would forgive it’s not Salford.

  3. I so hope that the MES airport code hasn’t already been claimed. How about a statue outside The City of Manchester Stadium?


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