Sid Vicious Near Last Tv Interview Uncovered In Full. Watch Here.

On the 18th September, 1978, Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, Stiv Bators and Cynthia Ross (of The B Girls) appeared together on Efrom Allen’s Underground cable television show.

Allen urged viewers to:

“Call 473-5386 to speak to the punk of your choice.”

Sid was surly and foul-mouthed. Nancy was quick to verbally abuse anyone who would flirt or rubbish her boyfriend.

“He’s as original as you get! He’s not derivative of anything,” she berates one caller.

While another she barks at for flirting with Sid,

“‘You better keep your fucking hands off him!”

The programme is an important piece of Punk historical archive, not just for the contributors (that alone should sell it), but because of the tragic events that happened the following month.

As is known, Nancy was found dead from a single knife wound to the abdomen in the room she shared with Sid at the Chelsea Hotel. He was arrested and charged with her murder. Vicious died of an overdose in February 1979. Somehow, just writing the facts always seems to diminish the life–both were much more than just the details of a police report.

Here, you’ll see it’s really the Sid and Nancy, with Stiv and Cynthia taking a kind of second-billing, and while clips have been floating around the internet for a wee while, here is the full-hour of Efrom Allen’s Underground.




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