Shrag and bones…London-Brighton serial shouters Shrag have called it a day and split up – in the most celebratory and joyous way you could imagine.

The band – a favourite at Louder Than War – played a stunning swansong show at London’s Lexington, complete with a free goodbye 7″ single as a gift to their fans, a cassette (of all things) of some unreleased demos, and a surprise ‘This Is Your Life’ style celebrity endorsement from legendary Creeper and BBC broadcaster Marc Riley.

In a retirement press statement, the band said: “We’ve disgraced ourselves in front of the whole of Leamington Spa, and haemorrhaged thousands of pounds going on extended holidays to the USA whilst kidding ourselves we were ‘on tour’.

“We attempted to show what could be done without any press, booking agent or manager (and we showed that you could achieve almost nothing without them).”

Riley’s recorded message, which was played over the club’s PA before the final song, jokingly referred to Shrag ‘doing a Quo’. It’s funny stuff and you can hear it here:

So long, Shrag. Louder Than War salutes you.

Andy Barding

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  1. Still in pieces. Best night of my life/worst break-up I’ve ever been through. But, it was better to have loved Shrag and lost them than to never have known them at all. I really hope they come back.


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