should the UK send a young band to Eurovision?

We are now in the hand wringing post Eurovsion period and whilst most people think that it’s an exercise in dumb TV- a greta night of laughs at boom banga bang Europop it is also a great platform and space to do something really interesting.

For decades the UK has produced some of the best and worst music in the world and the youth of europe are still transfixed by the great music that we produce- so why don’t we thrown caution to the wind and put one of the many great young bands on the show, or a young grime artist or anyone who has something to say.

Why do we always have to play safe? the best music in the UK was always about the Fuck You- playing safe means we come last- lets break barriers and take  a chance with something that makes people sit up and if we come last- who gives a fuck- a t least it would be a great tune, a great new sound or giving a new young band or whatever a fantastic and key break.


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  1. There was a rumour a few years ago that Morrissey was going to present the United Kingdom…but nothing came of that. Years ago we would have people who were at the top of their game…but people just don’t want to take that chance now. That Daz Sampson was supposed to make it all daring and cutting-edge…but it just sounded like a joke. Going on there would give an unknown like myself a bit of exposure and publicity…but I would NEVER do it. I’d rather stay unknown. I’d happily write a song for it though…lol

  2. Morrissey was going to REPRESENT…sorry

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