should we leave the
should we leave the
should we leave the
should we leave the Euro…vision?

Should the UK pull of out of Euro (vision song contest)?


It’s the debate that is splitting the nation with the Euro skeptics fast gaining the upper ground.


Should the UK pull out of the Euro (vision song contest)? Should we leave those damn foreigners with their cheesy songs to it? They don’t understand our pop genius so should we pull out of the Euro?


Accusations of bribery, corruption, bankruptcy and the end of the Eurovision zone and other excuses have been flying around. Euro-vision just does not work and the fact that we always come last have begun to really rattle the proud British. It was a competition that we once dominated with giants like Cliff Richard and Margaret Thatcher bringing back the ultimate prize in pop and the bragging rights for the country.


In the sixties Britannia ruled the airwaves- this was mainly down to its dominance in a competition that the whole world was watching. The greatest leaps and bounds in pop culture were due to the Eurovision and many of the songs that were played out in its tense competition have become pop staples.


In the last few years all has changed with East European countries that Terry Wogan has never heard of dominating the competition. Wogan claims it’s a fix as countries that are virtually at war with eachother come together to rig the vote and make sure they win it year in and year out- their droning ballads sung in East European accents have dominated for years and some of the great pop that we have sent has been shunned and ignored.


Who could forget the leftovers from X Factor that we send with a tuneless ballad coming last? Or that fantastic song with some group dressed as airhostesses dancing about like wannabe failed Pontins red coats or the out of tune singing from some karaoke couple? The Europeans certainly seemed to forget them very quickly.


It’s fair to say that these entries are an accurate reflection of UK pop in the new century and they are the best of our talent in the post Simon Cowell world of music- an X Factor world that we gave to the rest of the planet- yet another innovation!


Every year we spend a fortune of Eurovision and send all this leftover stuff that would have once failed a Butlins audition and then we get pissed off that we come last! every year we get Graham Norton and Terry Wogan moaning about it being a fix and every year we laugh at it for ten minutes before going out…



Is it time to just leave the Euro (vision) and let those pesky foreigners get on with it without us! They certainly don’t seem to appreciate our genius!

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  1. If it means that the money that the BBC are currently spending will save a litter of puppies from being thrown into a river or keep some old people warm in the winter then yes…pull out but if you mean pull out because we’re rubbish at it then NO. Eurovision is another reminder of how brilliant we all are and how utterly SHIT people like LLoyd webber and their ilk are. Watching thte disspointment on the faces of those concerned is all part of the game as far as i’m concerned as well as getting to hear something from the rest of Europe that we don’t normally get to see (and the voting…dont forget the voting…thats always brilliant to watch) Concetrate instead on getting rid of Xfactor on the grounds that it cruelly misleads people into believing that this is the only way to become a pop star and throws them out with the rubbish as soon as “their dream is over”. What i’d want to watch on a saturday evening is some coverage on those people the same age who sit in vans ona Monday night for 10 hours so they can play a half hour gig to the likes of me and a dozen others with the finale being them headlining Reading festival 4 years later – you know where to find me :)

    Keith x


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