should Gary Glitter be allowed on TOTP repeats?
should Gary Glitter be allowed on TOTP repeats?

should Gary Glitter be allowed on TOTP repeats?
should Gary Glitter be allowed on TOTP repeats?

There is a controversy over Gary Glitter being on a recent Top Of The Pops 2 repeat with some talk of editing him out of the show.

Is this the right thing to do? Obviously Glitter is a pretty unpleasant character but does this mean his music has to be removed from the TV history of pop culture?

Let’s not forget that Mike Leander was the musical genius who came up with the Glitter sound and Gary Glitter was wheeled in to sing on the record.

Are we to deny the brilliance of Mike Leander and also of the Glitter Band who made some great singles and were not involved in the tragic personal life of their ex singer.

There are plenty of other musicians who are unpleasant characters as well- there’s plenty of underage sex that has gone on since pop music started, plenty of murderers, rapists, wife beaters and genuinely nasty characters from the biggest selling artists of all time to the usual journeymen. Do we ban them all?

What do you think? Do you think the songs were great but it’s just too much to have Glitter on the TV?

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  1. I can’t see why they wouldn’t show a Gary Glitter performance when we can see performances/records produced by people that have killed or raped people. Phil Spector/R-kelly come to mind? Child Molestation and pornography is a heinous but surely murder is worse.

  2. We show dictators on TV. Let’s ban Hitler from history cos he killed millions of people. Get a grip. I purposely play Rock N Roll part 2 when i dj.

    • You’re brave! When I was doing a night I used to put out humorous faux flyers on the tables which generally went down well, but I nearly got lnched for the “Gary Glitter Come Back gig – Under 14s welcome”.

      I suppose it was in poor taste ;)

      I know that K*** and the Gang comes out to Rock and Roll Part 2, but I think people expect it from him!

  3. It’s a tough one, but I’d say if they are broadcasting a whole episode then keep him in for historical accuracy, but if it’s a compilation such as TOTP2 then I’m quite happy for him to be exluded since many of us feel uncomfortable listening to him, like when you go into a pound shop and they have an old Christmas tape playing and he comes up.

    Good point about Mike Leander and The Glitter Band, but we can still listen to them if we choose to do so – indeed I was listening to Angel Face on spotify only last week!

  4. If we judged all our musicians on their personal conduct, we’d all have very, very sparse CD collections.

  5. Why would you feel uncomfortable hearing him? I think he’s a sick cunt but i find Steps more distrubing.

    • I suppose because I was a big fan when I was young.

      I had his poster on my wall aged 5 (he probably had one of me too ;) I cried my eyes out when he retired circa 1976 so when the news came out I thought at first he’d been setup (I mean really taking his hard drive into PC World – he should have been done for stupidity alone) and defended him, until it was clear that the allegations were true.

      So I suppose he does make me feel uncomfortable perhaps more than others, I don’t know.

      Agreed about Steps.

  6. Let’s rewrite history, eh? Banish all of Wagner’s music for the composer’s anti-semitism? Spector’s amazing music, as he’s plainly a murderer? Ridiculous. If a three-minute section of a TOTP repeat offends, then fast-forward or switch over…don’t deny it ever occurred.

  7. Singles like ‘Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah)’ were creepy at the time (people forget that the sight of a 30-year-old bloke singing suggestively to young girls wasn’t popular with the tabloids even then) and yes, his recent retro ’77 TOTP performance of It Takes All Night Long was particularly creepy, but the fact remains that those early ’70s singles with Mike Leander were unique – love the handclaps, all recorded live incidentally – sounded great then and let’s be honest STILL sound absolutely brilliant! Not sure about including GG in compilations but removing him from the TOTP repeats would be Orwellian and ridiculous.

  8. It’s why i used to play R+R Pt2 cos he wasn’t singing on it (apart from the odd ‘Hey’ here and there) and it used to amuse me that no one clocked i was playing Gary Glitter. You just can’t deny that groove and the Glitter stomp though.

  9. Also we can’t forget that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith had a sexual relationship with a 14 year old girl quite openly in the 70s but it’s not like people don’t play ‘Walk This Way’ or have him as a judge on Xfactor/pop idol (whatever it is in America). Or Jerry Lee Lewis- although his career was ruined by his marriage to his 14 year old cousin, you can’t deny the quality of his records.

  10. and how about Bill Wyman and Mandy Smith, whom he met as 13 year old girl although Wyman didn’t begin a sexual relationship with her until she was 16.

  11. Very difficult one, Brother John. You are right in that some of his singles are very listenable and that the other members of the band would suffer (royalties ?) so I think, on balance, he should be played. I’m sure there is a censor already in place though as you don’t tend to hear his records much despite the huge sales he clocked up 40 years ago.

  12. i don’t see why Glitter should not be allowed on TOTPS repeats and obviously this is the position the BBC are adopting because as an earlier comment remarked he was on last sat nights 1977 show on beeb 2. Obviously what Glitter did was utterly appalling but others have also done distasteful things as well and we must not allow blanket censorship as what criteria would we apply? what would be considered acceptable ? clearly child abuse is an utterly vile crime but the fact remains that Glitter made some terrific records and i was certainly a fan until all this rubbish came to light. A similar comparison to draw is that of Skrewdriver, i was a fan of the band in their original,Punk incarnation on Chiswick records back in 77 and i still own those records and despite what some of my friends have said i have always refused to get rid of them because of the subsequent behaviour/madness of Ian Stuart.Like all decent people i utterly despise what Skrewdrivers name is now associated with but this does not alter the fact that in 77 they had absolutely no connection with the far right, they were just another of the many wonderful punk bands of the time. If people want to listen to Glitters music that does not mean they are condoning what he did, it seems to me that this issue is typical of the PC driven, over sensitive climate that we live in today.

  13. i’d pay to see st winifred’s school choir singing do you wanna be in my gang with the specky one sat on gaz’s lap

  14. Yes he should be allowed on top of the pops repeats.. oh and stop. Blaming him for the glitter bands lack off success they had there 30mins of spotlight time in the 70s.. it’s not his fault they couldn’t hold there ground


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