Should football clubs have the one minute silence for Margaret Thatcher?Should football clubs have the one minute silence for Margaret Thatcher?

There doesn’t seem to be anything to do with the former prime Minster that doesn’t cause a big row.

The proposal to hold a one minute silence for her at this weekend’s football matches is proving very controversial. The debate has been sparked by Wigan chairman, David Whelan, who would like to see a one minute silence observed at the matches.

it’s not gone down well with many Wigan fans who have a different point of view than their chair and that’s just at Wigan- it’s hard to imagine that Liverpool fans will be happy to observe the one minute silence in their away match to Reading this weekend- a one minute silence that Reading chairman, David Madejski, was very keen to have before his club decided that holding a one minute silence for the Hillsborough 96 on the 24th anniversary of the disaster would be far more appropiate and also, not only be poignent but also a powerful comment considering the iron lady’s role in the Hillsborough affair.

A statement on the club’s website confirmed: “Supporters of Reading Football Club and Liverpool Football Club will hold a minute’s silence before Saturday’s fixture at Madejski Stadium as a mark of respect for the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.’

it seems like the chairs of the club have one view about this and the fans the opposite view- a reflection of the UK in many ways.

Thatcher was hardly a friend of football or football fans and it seems strange to expect the fans to give her a one minute silence and only asking for more trouble than it’s worth- let the family and friends have their funeral- that’s the decent thing to do but please don’t force everyone else into it.

What do you think? should we have a one minute silence for Thatcher? should everyone have to pay their respects? or should it be a private affair? or should there be a one minute silence where everyone can react in a way they feel fit? should we have a one minute silence for every leader when they die?

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  1. Bollocks. Thatcher detested football and despised it’s advocates. She criminalized supporters and it was her who began the process of turning the sport into the sterile, soulless, corporate wankfest we see today. Football owes her nothing. NOTHING.

  2. If the bloke (and i’m sure it is a bloke) who presses the button that plays the PIGBAG sample whenever Wigan score a goal can press it during the silence I’ll buy him a pint …

  3. A minutes silence will be playing into the hierarchy s hands, as I fully expect most if not all matches to have booing during the minute, giving all and sundry the opportunity to criticise the supporters for doing so

  4. No no no no no! It would just be ridiculous, I am sure most fans are not as deluded as some of the other folk who are wailing and weeping about her passing!

  5. As already mentioned, she thought all football fans were animals! She was partly responsible for endorsing the Hillsborough cover-up, and labelled us all as hooligans which is an image the rest of the world still hasn’t got over. She did nothing for the game or its fans. Good Riddance!!!

  6. It might be intersting to allow a minute’s silence, just so that the whole of the country could express their views about her. Reports of mass booing up and down the country would cast a huge pall over next week’s funeral. I do think that football has got nothing to do with her though. Why do I keep getting that line from ‘White Man In Hammersmith Palais’ going through my head? ‘If Adolf Hitler were here today, they’d send a limousine anyway’. Joe knew what he was talking about.

  7. There were calls for all sports to give a minutes silence in her honour, which is just taking the piss to be honest.
    Wasn’t it her government that encouraged schools to sell off their playing fields, with the dual effect of relagating this once great nation into the lower leagues of world sport, and sparking the obesity crisis.

    If the tory boys in charge of sport want a minutes silence so they can wank over their Maggie posters then fine, but let the oppressed masses carry on as normal

  8. It would be typical of the suits to even try to attempt this. One minute silence? One minute of abuse and booing more like.

    Actually, when I think of it that was perhaps they should do it.

  9. absolutely no way, as others have stated thatcher was no friend of the game or of the mainly working class supporters. I notice the usual arseholes like Beckham and Sir Bobby Charlton are spouting off in her defence, Charlton as a son of the north-east should know better than to defend Thatcher when you bear in mind what she did to the miners. I think this issue just illustrates what a gulf exists between those who run the game/clubs and the ordinary fans.I am not surprised that Dave Whelan wants a silence as he is a business man who probably avidly supported thatcher, lets be honest, he wont give a toss about the majority of Wigans fans and their feelings about thatcher. Beckham makes me laugh, that wanker is so fucking ignorant, he will think thatcher is great purely because of the types of arseholes he mixes with will have told him so, i think Beckham is far too dumb to have an opinion on anything which carries any intellectual weight. Jeff Powell, a well respected sports journalist has spoken in defence of thatcher and is trying to make out that she wasn’t involved in the post-hillsborough cover-up, what rubbish, i believe she will have had a central involvement, thatcher had contempt for the people of Liverpool full stop, not just their football supporters. Powell is doing us all a disservice by trying to exonerate thatchers role in the scandal. Thatcher didn’t give a shit about football or football supporters despite what the likes of bobby fucking charlton say.

  10. Absolutely not – There’s a minutes silence at the drop of a hat these days.
    Maybe they can have the police drum there shields for a minute.

  11. It seems to me that Madjeski has spitefully undermined LFC’s planned minutes silence in honour of the victims of Hillborough. That was planned, he knew all about it before that cow died, but still opens his fat, rich gob & muddys the water before this Saturday’s game: shame on him


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