Long time LTW faves Shortparis announce new album, video and tour dates. 

28/05 The Contemporary Art Days Festival Bialystok, PL
29/05 Proxima Warsaw PL
31/05 Volksbuehne Berlin DE
1/06 Stubnitz Hamburg DE
2/06 Melkweg Amsterdam NL
5/06 Wide Awake festival, Brockwell Park, London UK
7/06 The Lanes Bristol UK
much more be confirmed soon!

Long awaited Shortparis album Так закалялась сталь – Tak Zakalyalas’ Stal’ (Thus the Steel Was Tempered) released on 1.11.2019 (Universal Russia)

Shortparis are well on their way to deserved international acclaim and already being heralded as “the best Russian live act”. Hailing from St. Petersburg and led by charismatic frontman Nikolay Komiagin, the band continues to build a reputation for its jaw-dropping ritualistic performances and dark, electronic soundscapes, as “irrational, spastic dance grooves” converge with “post-punk, experimental noise and acoustic chanson” to form a musical aesthetic that is one of a kind. http://morezvukov.nl/shortparis/

You can listen to Thus the Steel Was Temperedhttps://shortparis.lnk.to/TakZakalyalasStal

Of course, in the beginning, this cannot be effected except by means of despotic inroads… by means of measures, therefore, which appear… insufficient and untenable, but which, in the course of the movement, outstrip themselves…’ Das Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei

Tak Zakalyalas’ Stal’ (Thus the Steel Was Tempered) is a composition consisting of nine heterogeneous parts. The release is structured as a progression from glossy forms to protest only illusorily possible within pop culture.


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