Shopping Why Choose

Shopping Why ChooseShopping: Why Choose (Fatcat Records)

LP | CD | DL

Out: 2nd October 2015


The incredible Shopping are back, with even sharper hooks and exquisite basslines that have our hips shaking from the off!

Shopping are back with the follow up to 2013’s Consumer Complaints, after high praise for their previous effort it’s no wonder that we’ve been eagerly anticipating Why Choose. Having drawn comparisons to numerous angular 70s outfits, Why Choose doesn’t deviate away from that signature sound. However, this is definitely not a bad thing when you hear the incendiary blasts of angular guitar that usher in opener Wind Up.

The swaggering bass complements the urgent guitars ideally, and it would fit perfectly under the hip shakers category. It does exactly what the name suggests which is winding the up  the album, as the ecstatic guitar sits perfectly atop the strutting basslines. They’ve strived to become even more angular with Why Choose with bright and sharp guitars that exude from every track.

It isn’t all upbeat and excitement though as tracks like Time Wasted are toned down with a much more sultry swagger, as they sing about wasted time and jealousy. It bucks the trend of excited shouts and yelps but it’s a welcome come down after an excited opening.

However, they’re quick to resume normal service, with a set of bona fide dancefloor groovers that only seem to get better as the record hurtles towards its culmination, high on funky basslines and chanted lyrics. All topped off with the impeccably angular 12345, which shows Shopping at their absolute best.

Whilst the core of the album is the epitome of exquisite angular punk, there are breaks away from this with whirling synths and other levels of instrumentation. These are the elements that set Shopping apart and allow them to transcend the traditional copycat tag, which is so often easily and readily applied to so many other bands in this genre.

Why Choose sees Shopping really hone their sound, yes they’ve achieved their own need to become more angular yet they’ve further proved their dancefloor credentials. A hook-laden album with the most ecstatic guitar around and the funkiest basslines all complemented by the chantalong phrases. If you can listen to this album and not feel the urge to dance like somebody not right, then you’re not right!


Shopping can be found on Facebook and tweet as @SH0PP1NG.

All words by Lee Hammond. You can check out more work by Lee at his Louder Than War author’s archive, he also tweets as @Napzap.

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