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Evil Blizzard ‘The Dangers of Evil Blizzard’ CD

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Evil Blizzard ‘The Dangers of Evil Blizzard’

The album was recorded live in one take at Sunshine Studios in Manchester by Andy Gibbon (who has worked with The Fall amongst others). Recording it took 5 hours…Mixing it to emulate the chaos of them live took 5 months.

‘The Dangers Of Evil Blizzard’ Tracklist:

1. Feed The Flames
2. Clones
3. Sleep
4. (Open Up The) Red Box
5. P.U.N.I.S.H.M.E.N.T
6. Slimy Creatures
7. Fear Of Judgement
8. Whalebomb

2 reviews for Evil Blizzard ‘The Dangers of Evil Blizzard’ CD

  1. Link2Wales

    It’s trance inducingly addictive!
    You are kidnapped and taken on a Spunkship journey into the Womb of Oblivion. The lysergic corpse of Syd Barrett is DJing in the cockpit, he’s mixing Hawkwind, Inner City Unit and PiL. There’s a schoolboy band in the brig trying to be all post-punk while Druids in pyjamas march on the spot and point at a TV screen showing repeats of Noel Edmunds’ Deal or No Deal – they’re chanting ‘Open up the red box, open up the red box,’ over and over…

    This album is fucked up… You can be too…

  2. Rotation 11

    We are witnessing a band on the cusp of something very special here. A band that is contributing something refreshingly unique to the underworld of doom psychedelic rock. Pick-up The Dangers of Evil Blizzard and you will add a very bizarre and intriguing album to your collection.

    Full review httpss://

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