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Harry Stafford ‘Guitar Shaped Hammers’ – Vinyl Edition



Harry Stafford ‘Guitar Shaped Hammers’

Harry Stafford is best known as the front man for the 80’s Manchester post punk band, Inca Babies. A Molotov cocktail of Link Wray, Cramps, Birthday Party and Gun Club. All of which sells them short. They burnt the candle at both ends proclaiming the joys of opium dens, femme fatale mercenaries and mutants.

Stafford’s latest offering is a departure in many ways. Yet also, right in keeping with what Inca Baby fans clamour for. Instead of his customary guitar, Stafford makes the switch to an instrument he has less experience with: the piano. The result is, Guitar Shaped Hammers. A work of dark, spare beauty. Stafford’s expressive baritone, formidable melodies and brooding lyrics taking centre stage. (Courtesy Soundblab)

But look! No guitars on this record here. Instead, Harry has transferred his talents to piano (the ‘Guitar Shaped Hammers’ of the title), playing punky piano blues with some dubby touches in the production. Fair play Harry, the instrument transfer worked. On Black Lagoon Records


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