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Super Besse – 63610* CD Album

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SB Frt

Super Besse – 63610*


“In the UK we don’t know much about Belarus apart from the fact that it was once part of the Soviet thing and seems to be a bit of a strict place to live. This hasn’t stopped Super Besse who are three skinny youths and that drum machine who have dug deep into music history to take inspiration from Dark Wave, Joy Division, early Cure, Factory Records and with their stripped down, bass driven, post punk of the early eighties and translate it through their own uncertain world of the modern times to create a thrilling and quite brilliant music that transcends its roots to create something utterly modern and brilliant.”

Super Besse live review

01. Holod
02. Kamni i Les
03. Posmotri Na Menia
04. Berlin Zoo
05. Prikazano
06. Mne Vse Odno
07. Vikluchi
08. Tak Silno
09. Reka
10. Volosi Veroniki


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