Spam Javelin “The Crack Whores of Betws Garmon” Ltd Edition CD


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Spam Javelin “The Crack Whores of Betws Garmon” Ltd Edition CD

Spam Javelin are a sub-hardcore band and they come from North Wales

‘The Crack Whores Of Betws Garmon’ will be released on link2wales records (L2W 018) and is influenced by the whores who hang around the Crack Caves in the mountain behind Betws Garmon.

Beautifully designed by a crack whore from Betws Garmon, this album will nestle into your record collection between Spacemen 3 and Spandau Ballet!!

Released Monday 8th July on limited edition CD – Very limited – only 100 made for promo purposes… Comes in a card wallet attached to a crack whore from Betws Garmon

Spam Javelin are:
Llion Broadbent – drums
Neil Crud – voc/gtr
Tracey Howarth – bass

Recorded at Orange Studios in Penmaenmawr, ‘Crack Whores’ covers the topics of the day so you don’t have to…


1. The Crack Whores of Betws Garmon
2. Paedo Death Church
3. Service Resumed
4. Fake Nɘws
5. Never Work
6. Pen Clicker
7. How Can You Die When You’re Already Dead?
8. Joy Division Tea Party
9. Video PArty
10. Fatal Attraction
11. SystemiƧation
12. I Hate T.V.
13. Mɘntal Asylum
14. (E)State Agent.

Forthcoming dates:
Fri 5th Jul – Bangor, The Skerries (/w Werecats)
Sat 6th Jul – Belfast, Black Box (/w Salt The Snail, Crapsons)
Sun 7th Jul – Dublin, Drop Dead Twice (/w Salt The Snail, Crapsons)
Thu 15th Aug – Minneapolis, Mortimer’s (/w Coolzey)
Fri 16th Aug – Oshkosh, Reptile Palace (/w Coolzey)
Sat 17th Aug – Iowa City, Trumpet Blossom (/w Coolzey)
Sun 18th Aug – Chicago (tbc)
Sun 25th Aug – Liverpool, Phase One (Crapfest)
Sat 14th Sep – Liverpool Sound (Free Rock’n’Roll Festival)


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