Sherwood & Pinch: Late Night Endless – album reviewSherwood & Pinch – Late Night Endless (On-U Sound / Tectonic Recordings)

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As we recently found out in our recent interview with the duo, Late Night Endless is not only the first full album by Sherwood & Pinch, but it’s also the culmination of two years together in the studio. Here, Simon Tucker reviews the result.  

Late Night Endless is the debut full length album by bass music titans Adrian Sherwood and Rob Ellis, aka Pinch. By deconstructing old tunes and mixing them with brand new compositions, they’ve made an album which is a joyous celebration of the myriad forms of dub music, from classic sounding rhythms to early period dubstep.

Opening track Shadowrun instantly puts the listener into the perfect frame of mind, rolling in on a bed of sub-bass and staccato synth trills that hiss and bite, curling around your ears. An excellent choice as an introduction to the world of Late Night Endless, Shadowrun draws you in with a seductive and warm sound, but with added grit and bite which is exactly where the rest of the album resides. This is no straight, groove ridden dub album, neither is it an album full of bangers designed for a club atmosphere; it’s an album that lurks in the shadows, not revealing its purpose instantly.

Tracks Music Killer Dub, Gimme Some More (Tight Like That) Bucketman, and Different Eyes all possess an innate sense of experimentation, with their authors complementing each others styles perfectly, creating something that’s sometimes familiar, yet ALWAYS new.

Fans of the more traditional dub styles will find textures to love on tracks Wild Birds and Africa 138, whilst those are more into the futuristic styles of dubstep will be drawn to cuts like Different Eyes (glitchy, distorted) Precinct Of Sound (harsh, metallic) and the aforementioned Bucketman (lurching, insidious)

The production on Late Night Endless is, as you would probably have guessed, incredible, with every nuance and sound given space to breathe and to attach itself to your psyche.

This is truly a magical album. Not one second is wasted or superfluous (the longest track, Wild Birds, lasting only five minutes) and it feels like a true labor of love by its authors. It’s an album that feels like a concept album by nature so buy it, put it on your system, turn it up loud, turn off those lights and let it take you for a ride…


The duo have a handful of live dates coming up, find them with our interview, over here.

Adrian Sherwood can be found online here: He’s also on Facebook and tweets as @onusound and @onusherwood.

Pinch is on Facebook and he tweets as @TectonicPinch.

All words by Simon Tucker. More writing by Simon on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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