You're Not A Stranger To MeSheer Zed and The Implicit Order: You’re Not A Stranger To Me





A collaboration between Wales’ Sheer Zed and cult outfit The Implicit Order, You’re Not A Stranger To Me is a disturbing, twisted, euphoric listen. Simon Tucker reviews.

Clattering and shattering sheets of metal. The destruction of surface as rhythm device. This is how the world of You’re Not A Stranger To Me unfurls (courtesy of opener Everything’s Under Control). It’s a slab of dissonance that slowly finds a pattern, a hook, an addiction. Cyborg sounds start to reveal more as the song begins it long morphing process. Voices emerge, ghosts in the shell, rallying cries and inspirational speeches. There may actually be hope and positivity to be hard here. This is where the tribal bass drum kicks in propelling us along the next ten+ minutes. Everything’s Under Control is avant-techno at its finest. It makes you grit your teeth and smack your gums, shake your arse and close your eyes. It’s a descendent of Physic TV and Carter Tutti Void. It is in fact the latter’s Transverse that this song feels it shares a kinship and bloodline with as like that album it manages to blend dystopian vision with human passion and lust. You’ll need a breather after it has concluded.

Music Was My Acid Rock Baby Baby Baby (great title) discards the dungeon club floor and puts us slap bang in the middle of a nervous breakdown. Multiple voices fly around, whispering and chanting, seductive yet insidious. The tech starts to rise and fall building and dipping before the sound of a drum kit rears its twisted beauty. There are moments where the song descends back into deep doom and a wonderful deep dub base is introduced later in the song which adds a punch to the guts.

Like after a dark, stormy winter night a beautiful dawn then emerges thanks to Yes It’s Time To Begin. The closing song on the album does indeed reveal a deep heart and soul that obviously resides in its creators. YITTB reintroduces us to the early days of acid-house but without the shit smiley t-shirts. It is not a retreat more a valuable update on that oh so important boom with a horn motif that plays nearly all the way through reminding of 808 State. There are still unsteady moments where you as a listener are not sure which way Sheer Zed and The Implicit Order are going to steer you but after the closing notes have died down you feel safe, secure, and actually happy.

You’re Not A Stranger To Me is a very exciting listen. It belongs to be heard in illegal basement clubs and in bedrooms alike. It is ambiguous, androgynous, erotic and joyous. The album celebrates all aspects of human life from our sins to our glories, from our despairs to our hopes. Play it loud and step into the woods..


Sheer Zed can be found via Twitter where he tweets as @SheerZed

The Implicit Order can be found via Twitter where they tweet as @implicitorder

All words by Simon Tucker. For more of Simon’s writings for Louder Than War visit his author’s archive or follow him on Twitter @simontucker1979.

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