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Liverpudlian pop punk band Sheepy have just released their latest – and fifteenth – album, descriptively titled 15 Songs in an Hour.

Sheepy are a tasty band to see in the little venues they play, their scorching, expletive-ridden indie / punk giving a feel-good factor many bands struggle to achieve. The Liverpool Trio have been thrilling us for quite a while now, and the current demo album, available at the Bandcamp link below, is an exciting proposition.

The title track ’15 Songs in an Hour’ is a belter, with sentiments we should all take to heart. The track encapsulates the Sheepy ethos, with the repetitive choruses overlaid by further vocal explanations, like notes scribbled in the margin of a text book, qualifying why they ‘Don’t Care’. It’s a blistering start to the album, and one of the strongest tracks. The Sheepy pop-punk is white-hot as usual. If I don’t mention that about each song, it’s because it’s a given; it’s what they do, and they do it well.

Sheepy sometimes introduce a little reggae into their songs, and two of the tracks showcase this aspect of their music. ‘Forbidden Fruit’ has both a reggae and punk aspect, whilst ‘Alberg Transitorio’ is more traditional. For me it is the fusion of ‘Forbidden Fruit’ that works best. The combination of short, sharp punk and softer reggae sections fit perfectly, producing one of the best tracks on ’15 Songs’.

The Ramones-style lead in to ‘Lagging Behind’ and the melodious vocals make this another single-quality track. Softer in nature than some of the album, the band tap into their lighter side, leaving out the coarser, in-your-face vibe; pop-punk at its finest. ‘Drink the Absinth for Me’ and ‘Alarm Bells are Going Off’, are also more pop-punk, but aren’t quite as strong. They’re maybe not ones to bring out as singles, but pretty damn enjoyable none-the-less.

‘These Clothes’, another excellent song, has the urgency of the music and the use of power chords backing up the atmosphere of sexual tension. ‘Little Chatterbox’ is indie-punk perfection, and ‘Warwick Hunt’, ‘Cyclists and Motorists  and ‘You Have to Pay’ carry on the frantic pace, short and razor sharp. ‘Dominate’ has a sinister Ska feel, like Madness with a very, very bad hangover and a gun in the desk drawer. ‘Out the UK Some Day’ has a softer feel, but carries on the same Ska vibe.

The only tracks that didn’t work for me at all were ‘Perra (She Stayed In)’ and ‘I only Believe in Pirates’, which is pretty good going for a 15 track offering. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with them, but I found them weaker than the rest of the material on the album.

Although it was hard to choose, my top 5 tracks were:

  • 15 Songs in an Hour
  • These Clothes
  • Little Chatterbox
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Lagging Behind

I probably would have paid the pittance asked on Bandcamp for these tracks alone, so I feel I got a good deal. If you like short, sharp, songs that veer towards the lighter side of punk, Sheepy are the feel-good band of your dreams. If you can catch them playing live in a seedy, little venue somewhere, you should. If you need to forget the winter blues, these are the boys to remind you that spring is here and why that is such a good thing.


Buy Fifteen from Sheepy’s Bandcamp. Sheepy are also on Facebook and they have a website: They also tweet as: @SheepyMusic.

All words by Roxy Gillespie. More writing by Roxy on Louder Than War can be found at her author’s archive. Roxy’s also on twitter as @RoxyG100.

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