Sharkmuffin: 1097 – ep review

Sharkmuffin: 1097 EP (Dazzleship Records)
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In a food fight, always go for the Sharkmuffin advises Will Thomas.

I was once told that if you can’t describe your band as a meeting of two bands, then you shouldn’t bother. However, meet Sharkmuffin, a Brooklyn based trio consisting of Tarra Thiessen, Natalie Kirch and Janet LaBelle – three talented young women with a sound that I can only describe as if you took The Ramones, Hawkwind, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The White Stripes and put them in a blender (and kept the sound of the blender) then you would have Sharkmuffin.

The 1097 EP consists of four tracks that barely reach the two minute mark and seems to have been put together with the brief, “Let’s try and do the second half of The White Album …. but in about 8 minutes”. It’s an intense listen.

Other influences that be heard on the 1097’s smorgasbord include second album Arctic Monkeys riffing and some weighty Stranglers/Hives bass.


The tracks are like looking at the model’s make up rather than taking note of the model. I feel primed to invest in Sharkmuffin, and know exactly what I’m going to receive. 1097 has done exactly what an EP should do – it has left me wanting more.

Although there is a lot of influence crammed into this EP (though not distastefully), in a world where the music seems to dominated by flakey, soft voiced, acoustic artists or wishy washy, second rate, pseudo R’n’B X factor finalists, it is so refreshing to have something utterly insane to listen to where on this EP a yell is a yell; a scream is a scream …. it sounds honest, and I like that.


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All words by Will Thomas. More writing by Will on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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Will has recently graduated from The University of Glamorgan after studying for a BSc (Hons) in Music Technology (First Class). After playing in bands revolving around the Mid Wales scene, he decided to take his musical career more seriously, firstly, with enrollment at the Herefordshire College of Technology where he gain a National Diploma with a Triple Distinction. Will has a keen passion for music (both playing and mixing it!) and has worked with bands in both amateur and professional stages of their careers. He currently resides in Brighton where he will be investing time in up-and-coming project 'Bitcoin'.


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