we're all in it together ! stone roses return
we're all in it together ! stone roses return

we're all in it together ! stone roses return
Shane Meadows, the best film maker in the UK is already filming the Stone Roses documentary.

He was at Warrington filming the comeback gig and has some great stuff already.

This looks like it will not be like any other rock film. There is a focus on the people that made this story what it is- that’s not just the band that’s you…

The people making the film want your stories and may include them and you in their film…

Please Email Shane Meadows here

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  1. wanted to go to reading,there last gig, but i was in the grip of a hardcore heroin addiction and spent my ticket money on brown.regreted it for years. i am now 3 years clean and im going to heaton park next month. Ive listens to the roses atleast once a week since 1989.I hope you get some more inspiring stories for you work. Goodluck
    Carl x

    • Carl,

      glad you got clean, you should email shane meadows- it may be the start of story he’s looking for, it’s not for me to say…

  2. Drugged up japes on a coach from Leeds bus station on our way to spike island Laughing and talking shite about how good music from Manchester was at the min and not in Leeds.Apperently a member of Bridewell Taxis was sat behind us…He never said anything.

  3. […] (Shane Meadows is looking for your stories about the Stone Roses for his documentary on the band&#823…) […]

  4. Me and my husband were both mad on the Stone Roses when we met in 1989 but due to being pregnant in 1990 didn’t get to see them in concert. Got to see them in Warrington at the preview gig recently (at which I was interviewed queuing up to get in) and they were amazing, well worth the wait. Can’t wait to see them next week at Heaton Park!! We once had a party at ours at which we only played Stone Roses music as all our friends were mad on them too!!!


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