Shane Filan @ Music Hall Aberdeen – live review

Shane Filan
Music Hall,
29th October 2014

On a cold Wednesday night in October, Shane Filan came to Aberdeen Music Hall and played to a venue full of excited females. Shane first came to the attention of his loyal fans back in 1998 when the Irish band Westlife appeared on the scene. They continued to have hit after hit for many years, including 26 Top Ten singles – 14 of these were number 1’s, before disbanding and going their own ways in 2012.

Shane has since gone solo and is touring his current album ‘You and Me’

He played a mixture of his new songs, interspersed with all the old Westlife hits, including ‘What Makes A Man’ (2000), ‘Uptown Girl’ (2001), which had the whole crowd singing along, and the all time favourite ‘Flying Without Wings’ (1999), much to the delight of the crowd.

Shane Filan @ Music Hall Aberdeen – live review

In between songs a girl shouts, “Shane its my birthday.” He starts to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her, she moves nearer the stage and he bends down and pecks her on the cheek. When it finishes some one shouts from the balcony “I got my pension today” He says, “Really?” She says “No, it was 2 years a go” He laughs, “This is why I love coming to Scotland it’s always a bit madder than anywhere else….”

Whether you like this kind of music or not, you have to admire the man, the crowd are on their feet from the moment he came on stage and continue to stand throughout. And that’s what entertainment is about, pleasing all the fans who come to see you.

Words by Rock Chick
Pics by Dod Morrison

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