Shaun Ryder autobiography 'Twisting My Melon'
Twisting his melon onstage, Shaun Ryder
Shaun Ryder autobiography 'Twisting My Melon'
Shaun Ryder autobiography 'Twisting My Melon'

Shaun Ryder’s autobiography, ‘Twisting My Melon’ is out now. Co-written by Luke Bainbridge there is an ‘in conversation’ event between the pair in Manchester this week.

One of the more scurrilous tales in rock n roll, Shaun Ryder’s autobiography finally hits the shelves.
Covering the rise and fall and rise and fall and rise again of the Happy Mondays, Black Grape and various other projects this is a tale of excess, madness and some great music from one of our great lyricists who has shocked everyone by remembering any of this…

There is a launch event at Waterstones in Manchester

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