The Shakin’ Nightmares ‘Revenge & Regret’ – EP review

The Shakin’ Nightmares ‘Revenge & Regret’ (Self Released)
Rel Date: 1st November 2019

New EP from the Redcar based The Shakin’ Nightmares, sadly its only avaialble on CD and DL, that said they have gone to serious lengths to make the CD look pretty; these four garage infused rockers are delivered on a psychedelic purple CD that is grooved to look like a vinyl record, the whole thing being housed in a die cut card sleeve.

The almost self eulogising ‘(I’ve Got) The Shakin Nightmares’ is a moody, dark and delicious unhurried slow burner, the equisite production allows the instruments space to breath, as such it sounds huge, a wonderful guitar burns throogh the haze matched by the sinister vocals, with chain rattling backing build to a glorious crescendo; whilst for ‘Revenge’ the blue touch paper has certainly been lit, the tempo has been raised as this one powers along again with some infectious guitar riding a solid pounding rhythm and ever more crazed vocals advising of a future meeting in hell.

‘I Wish’ had me thinking of The Very Things without actually sounding anything like them, the track switchbacking from high octane belter to laconic head wobbler – its fast, furious total rock ‘n’ roll excitement, whilst closer ‘A Little Death’ takes the psych colour of the CD and toys with your understanding as it veers chaotically all over the musical landscape before self imploding.

The whole thing will leave a huge sloppy grin on your face; buy it!.

The Shakin’ Nightmares ‘Revenge & Regret’ – EP review

The Shakin’ Nightmares online:


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