Once on some long lost TV show I had massive argument with the late Tony Wilson over who was the most influential band, the Ramones or the Sex Pistols.

The argument raged through the adverts and back into the second half of the programme.

We never did resolve the debate. So I would like you the reader to decide….

Sex Pistols or the Ramones- who was the most influential punk band?

Sex Pistols

Without the Pistols there would have been nothing. They were not only musically totally original but they possessed a front man who reinvented the whole notion of what a singer did. Before Rotten the singer was asking for your love now the singer didn’t give a fuck.

The Pistols were a revolution, they changed the way people dressed, thought, walked and played music. They killed flared trousers and introduced anarchy to pop culture. They made people hack off their hippie hair, Rotten was a one man generation gap whose look and attitude was something totally original. They made ugly beautiful and they created a whole lexicon of rock n roll. God Save The Queen had questions asked about it Parliament and the band invented a whole new type of controversy.

With the Pistols it was a cultural shift more than a musical one, the whole package was the key- it was Lydon’s attitude, their look, the situationist agenda of the Maclaren and jamie Read, the Sex Shop clothes, the whiff of revolution and the band’s initial danger that made them so vital. They created a whole new generation that took as much from their attitude and style as their music.

They ask made some of the greets and most timeless rock n roll ever.

The Ramones

1-2-3-4 Da Ramones- most influential punk band ever?

The Ramones just wanted to be a pop band, obsessed with the bay City Rollers and Spector girl pop with a dose of the Dolls and Stooges they invented something else- a music that was so brutal and primitive that on first hearing it was a culture shock. People often ask who was the first punk band and there are plenty of examples- the Stooges could have a good call but the Ramones created the template that is still copied by every garage band in the world to this day.

The stripped down barre chords, the simple driving bass and goofy vocals- it’s so much part of punk’s DNA that no-one even notices any more. the 1234 count ins, the drainpipe jeans, the Lewis leathers, the sick sense of humour, the smart playing dumb attitude, the fast guitar assault, the leaping around on the stage, the energy and the chainsaw taking to pop culture approach were all invented by the Ramones. Their first album came out in 1976, they were way ahead of the game and their gig at the London Roundhouse in 1976 wa s agape changer with every punk band in London turing up and speeding up their music. before the Ramones there was nothing like the Ramones, after them there was punk rock and style that is copied even more today than it was 35 years ago.

They may not have had the cultural cache of the Sex Pistols but they changed everything, without even meaning to.

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  1. Neither band would have existed as we came to know them without THE NEW YORK DOLLS, original version with Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan!

    • Yea hes right the dolls were very influential check steve jones moves on stage all copied from thunders , and not very well . That being said i love the ramones 77 concert , but the pistols maan if you know ALL thier songs not just the ones recorded on nevermind the bollocks you will know whos more influential for sure

  2. culture or music – The Ramones musically because they inspired and continued to inspire for another 20 years by not breaking the formula, the Pistols culturally because culture did change forever. But that wasnt just because of the pistols. Musically ? Not so inspirational.

  3. Technically it’s the Ramones (John Peel Law) but the Pistols will be the history changers cited for future generations

  4. Both bands played an important roll at the time, so this is a really tricky question. When the pistols headed off in the Ronnie Biggs direction that tarnished their street cred with me, where as the ramones always stayed on track and did’nt divert away from what they were about….So it would have to be the ramones for me…..

  5. Both a tricky and daft question…the Ramones sort of re-invented rock n roll as 2-3 minute fast-pop while the Pistols launched a very colourful ‘fuck-you-attitude’ and ultimately shocked a music and cultural industry to its knees. Both amazing bands.

  6. The Pistols, without a doubt – far more cultural impact than The Ramones.
    And though The Stooges, The Dolls, & The MC5 were definitely influential on the genre, I reckon The Monks are all too often overlooked: they pre-dated all the aforementioned, sang about hate, animosity, & war, played primitive music, wore all black, & had the f****d up haircuts to go with it!
    Punk’s a lot more than just fast, bombastic, music – the attitude, & politics are a large part of it ‘n all – The Pistols had bags of that, unlike The Ramones.

  7. If you want conveniently overlook the enormous influence that Olivia Newton John had over music in mid-seventies, then I guess you could boil it down to these two.

  8. Pistols – Springsteen says so. He was there and he’s sold more records than you ever will, so he should know a thing or two about what’s rock and what’s not:

    “And, I mean Darkness [On The Edge Of Town] was also informed by the punk explosion at the time. I went out and I got all the records — all the early punk records — and I brought “Anarchy in the UK,” and “God Save the Queen,” and the Sex Pistols were so frightening. They literally — they shook the earth. Which is different from shocking. And a lot of groups managed shocking. But frightening was something else. There were very few rock groups that managed frightening. That was a great quality and it was part of their great beauty.
    “They were brave and they challenged you, and they made you brave. And a lot of that energy seeped its way into the subtext of Darkness. Darkness was written in 1977, and all of that music was out there, and if you had ears you could not ignore it. I had peers that did. And they were mistaken. You could not ignore that challenge, you know?” (Bruce Springsteen, SXSW 2012 Keynote Address)

  9. Lydon is the deciding factor. A total one off. There was no one like him before, no one since. Without Lydon the Pistols would have been an entertaining band, Lydon gave them a focus and a cultural impact.

    • Richard Hell. The real first punk. Invented the look we all know as ‘the pistols’. Founding member of Television. Check out ‘Blank Generation’.

  10. The sex pistols werent even a real band, they were mclarens creation/ they were a ripoff of richard hell and the dead boys. The ramones were the real deal- they picked up where the beach boys left off and rejuvenated rockNroll- I feel really bad for anyone who thinks the sex pistols had any legitimate importance.. .come on!

  11. To anyone who is ignorant to think it was the pistols email me and tell me your sources cuz Id like to know where ya heard that- joshthekook at gmail dot com

  12. Pistols. Without them no larger movement or bands. Ramones would have simply remained a unique band and maybe influenced a few others to play faster. Look at how many bands cite seeing the Pistols as impetus. The Clash, the Banshees, Adam Ant, Buzzcocks, the Slits, Joy Division, the Fall, Penetration and more. Then think of how many bands formed because the previous lot had. Lydon was like nothing before. He changed the game. GSTQ was like no other rock record before it. Blew so called protest songs out of the water. The Ramones made you re-evaluate your choice of music, the Pistols made you re-evaluate how you led your life. Anyone arguing otherwise simply wasn’t there.

  13. Fuck the ramones, fuck them with a barb wire cover bat. Sex pistols are the true gods of punk. The list should go 1.sex pistols 2. The clash 3. The dead kennedys 4. Black flag 5. Misfits

  14. @ Tony. Coming from a big enough fan to have my bars and Crimson ghost tattooed – you are talking crap. Ramones are the greatest punk band, ask the bands you mentioned.

  15. @Ruchie, don’t sweat it pal. It’s a hipster thing to hate on the ramones and cite bands influenced by them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Since were adding lists:
    1. Ramones
    2. Dead Boys
    3. Misfits
    4. Middle Class
    5. Black Flag

    • Foolish Americans singing the same old faux claims “we’re the best at everything.” The Sex Pistols are a country mile ahead of the American (dross) Ramones.

  16. The only riffs that Sid ever “learned” to play, were off the Ramones s/t album. Look it up. Total Dee Dee worship. From the way he straps the bass as low as it can go, to the way he followed Dee Dee around New York lighting his cigarettes. The Ramones were a huge influence on The Pistols, and everyone else. It goes: Velvets, MC5/Deviants, Stooges, Dolls, Dictators, Ramones…..and then a million three chord punk rock bands. Ramones made everyone think “Fuck! We can do that!”, even if they couldn’t….

    • The Ramones were no influence on the Pistols whatsoever. Tell me… why do Americans think that they are always better at everything? Under 300 years of modern history… ha ha ha, the joke does with you.

  17. The Sex Pistols were packaged punk they were modeled after the Ramones, the question should be the Ramones or Malcolm McLaren because the pistols were a joke. Besides the Clash’s influence has had more longevity than Lydon and his crew.

    • Pistols were chronologically after the Ramones but I don’t think the Ramones were an influence on them. They ere famously the only UK band not to speed up after the Ramones played the Roundhouse and the Pistols cultural effect has been huge – difficult to see what would have happened without their presence…

      • Well, that whole “Roundhouse” thing is taken totally out of context, uniformity, and most of it is just hearsay. Punk was already happening, UK. To add, Pistols had started it. They formed in 1975, already a gig late ’75, then plenty to follow in ’76. Both Pistols, The Clash, had gigs, during the night Ramones first played. Sure, they may have attended a later show. The Damned, were also early out the starting gate. To add, Ramones were also supported by British artists. Let’s also not forget, UK had bands like, The Stranglers, Eddie and the Hot Rods, that were already established.

    • They were not modelled after the Ramones, or took any influence, or direction. None! They were their own creation, and with the help (influence) from McLaren. Yes, he was the main driving force. Pistols, are far more “punk” than Ramones could ever have been. Have you forgotten, they formed in 1975.

      • Exactly. Where do these people get this @manufactered@ crap from? Jones was a thief, vicious a lost cause given heroin by his own mother at 18 tragic character we all know what happened (see John Lydon vid) John Lydon a love hate anarchist character who challenged the status quo. These traits were exploited by any business band, by their manager. The Ramones ran at the music industry and embraced it The pistols challenged and ran off broke up, true anarchy. The Ramones are cartoon characters, the Pistols were the real deal. They couldnt fake it and imploded unlike the Ramones

        • Agreed, Neil. most sane folks know what the Americans are like – they like to see themselves as the “best at everything.” They won’t change, then again, neither will I.

  18. Sex pistols all the way.
    The ramones are nothing compared to the greatness of the sex pistols. God save the queen>blitzkreig bop

  19. Ramones, punk? My nan was a ninja assassin, not. Get a grip, get a life, yanks drone on about the Ramones and Green Day, pukin I am. Dead Kennedys were a punk band, not the f-ing dronemones.


    • “Ramones, punk? My nan was a ninja assassin, not. Get a grip,”

      Well, this is true in my experience as well. I could hardly listen to the untalented Ramones, nah, I really can’t listen, it’s so boring. It wasn’t punk at all, it was just loud bad shit.

      I guess, every product needs a salesman, and they were it for the U.S. market, but in reality, real musicians, like the Dead Boys, the Talking Heads, and Blondie, etc.. followed.

      Ramones and Plasmatics were essentially equals in having no musical value, but understood the sound Vaudeville (Ramones) and stage Vaudeville (Plasmatics) of punk.

      They promoted the Brand of punk like Cap’n Crunch but real musicians had to take it over for it to be remembered today as a legitimate genre.

      The tonal range and variety of bands like the Sex Pistols, and the Dead Boys demonstrate the essentials of soulful sound which humans need to connect as opposed to mindless beating on instruments which was the Ramones.

  20. Fact is if it wasnt for The Sex Pistols no one would of of heard of any of those yank bands that jumped on The Sex Pistols coat tails when it all exploded in 1976. The Ramones formed in 1974 before the Pistols in 1975 yes but their music/look was nothing like the Pistols & no one had ever heard of them so had no influence on the band whatsoever. Your talking the days LONG before the likes of the internet & the only way of hearing anything about these bands was in the UK music press such as the NME etc which at the time were up the arse of the likes of Led Zep & Pink Floyd. Jones & Cook were already in a band from 1973 years before asking McLaren to manage them-who did so after turning Jones down several times. Matlock was working in the shop ‘SEX’ & was asked to join by Jones. The band was Jones band not McLarens, it was The Clash who were ‘manufactured’ by Bernie Rhodes after seeing The Pistols play live. McLaren didnt style the band, Johhny Rotten already had spiky hair & safety pins in his clothes before he even met McLaren when he joined in 75. And while McLaren may of had some sort of influence on the band thats the sign of a good manager if anything. The band robbed & wore all the old Teddy Boy gear, left over stock from when the shop was ‘Let It Rock’ (which instigated the fights with Teddy Boy gangs after seeing them and their fans wearing creepers & drapes) & then later wore clothes designed by Viv Westwood. That was part of the ‘look’ the Pistols created, whether they were clothes horses for Viv Westwood dosent mater because it was them that made her famous & not the other way around. They could of released records much sooner but McLaren-knowing the band were something much different from anything ever seen or heard before-held out on signing a deal till big money was offered. The Sex Pistols sound, look, attitude & lyrics created the scene in England along with their die-hard early fans. Unfortunately the scene was later labelled ‘Punk’ by the UK music jernos & with it they lumped in all the then unknown in the UK American bands who gladly jumped onto the Sex Pistols bandwagon which enabled them all to get much more recognition than they ever would of. Without The Sex Pistols and the musical explosion they created in England none of them would of been heard of. The long haired Ramones were very lucky to be associated with the short spiky haired, swearing, political UK bands & perhaps they had more of an influence on The Damned-who formed after seeing the Pistols-than any other band. While its true other bands may of had an influence on the Pistols (Glenn Matlock was a Beatles fan & even confessed he stole some riffs from ABBA songs) David Bowie & Roxy Music probably had more of an influence on the Pistols (and their early fans) than the likes of The Stooges. Its true that Sid was a Ramones fan & learnt his primitive bass lines off their first album in 77 but the cat had been let out the bag a long time before Sid joined the band. And stand Sid in his black leather jacket, chain, padlock and outrageous spiky hair next to any of the hippie looking Ramones & ask anyone whos the ‘Punk’??? I Bet they all say Sid. You only have to look at the very early TV clips & interviews with the Pistols to see the scene was nothing whatsoever to do with the one in New York at the time. The UK in 75/76 was a shambles & so were the pop charts. The country was on its knees. The Pistols rebelled against everything and everyone. Their music was slower, more melodic, catchy but aggressive and powerful. And the Pistols themselves hated the word ‘Punk’ and there are many clips of them disassociating themselves from the word. And there in lies the problem, the word ‘Punk’. The Sex Pistols wernt a ‘Punk’ band. They were one offs. Their music has more in common with Heavy Metal bands like Black Sabbath than it does with The Ramones. The Sex Pistols were in a genre all of their own & its calling them a ‘Punk’ band which leads to so much heated discussion. Let all those other bands fight over the true origins of ‘Punk’ because like the authors very first sentence says ”Without The Sex Pistols there would of been nothing”. End of discussion…

    • Yes, right. On so many levels. True enough. To add, Sid was never a musician, although tried in the early stages, yet, by then, time was a factor. Probably, not his calling. Yet, as a showman, he was everything. Image, personality, and more. WELL, THEY ALL WERE… AND HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL. More people call the Pistols, among the greatest influences on Punk and Rock. Pistols started it. “Punk”. To add, Sid, may have tried his hand learning some bass, to Ramones. Or, whatever? However, probably, because it may have been an easy bet? Still, there is not that much verification, as to the truth of the matter. To add, may even have taken some brief lessons from “Lemmy” (Motorhead). He took that upon himself. Sid was also a huge Bowie fan, glam rock. Totally. This before, getting into the whole punk rock vibe. He was also a fan of Pistols, and a good friend of Johnny, and hence, replaced Glen Matlock. That said, Steve first had a band he called, The Strand. Named after a Roxy Music song, Do The Strand. Steve was a huge fan, Roxy Music, so too Bowie, T. Rex, Mott the Hoople etc.. Probably, The Who, the Small Faces (Faces), Thin Lizzy, Hawkwind, etc.. Although, he was the only member, that is said to have liked, the New York Dolls, the most. Or, in part. In those early years. Aside from the fact, Sid, later mixed with former members. Yet, probably, just impressionable, and young. However, Johnny had no such influence, although, likely, also a fan Bowie, and a lot of other music. We know he liked Hawkwind, [Pink Fairies], The Who, the Stooges, Alice Cooper. Yes, and a fan “Krautrock”. Likely, even some reggae. Johnny has even admitted to liking Led Zeppelin. Possibly, Slade. Although, he never much liked the Ramones. Or, ever called them an influence, and since, they were even unknown by the time Pistols formed, and started gigging. UK also had the whole “pub rock” thing, and the earlier, “glam rock” scene. To add, multitudes of “prog-rock” bands, psychedelic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, etc.. Yes, and so too, many influential bands from the 60s, or so-called “proto-punk”. UK. It also seems fair to say, Brits really pioneered (invented), Beat Music, “Riff-rock”, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, art-rock, glam rock etc.. all by the 60s, early 70s, and beyond. YES, and a huge influence on Punk Rock. Basically, the first true punk rock bands.

  21. I’ll give the Pistols 3 things. (1) A great album (2) A charismatic vocalist (3) A great punk/rock ‘n’ roll guitarist. But all the British did was take important, original musical statements from the U.S., call it punk rock, pre-punk, whatever, and reduce it to a fashionable, formulaic, poser fest, with BS political posturing imposed on it by older gentlemen like McClaren and Rhodes. Some great rock ‘n’ roll came from British ’77 punk, but it wasn’t the real thing. The U.S.A. was where the Velvet Underground, Iggy & the Stooges, NY Dolls, Modern Lovers, Suicide, Dictators, Richard Hell, Television, Wayne County, Patti Smith, and finally the Ramones paved all the ground before the first Brit “punk” band played a note. Unlike the Pistols, no one invented any of these artists. And the Ramones are the most influential band of the last 45 years, the list of testimonials is staggering. By reducing rock to such a primitive essence while remaining so vital, they birthed 1977 punk rock, 1980s hardcore punk, and had heir influence on thrash metal, grunge, indie, and alternative besides, I can list dozens of bands, including most of all the most notable examples, from these genres who have bluntly said the Ramones gave the inspiration. Even big mainstream artists like U2, Metallica, Pearl Jam, RHCP, and Green Day cite them.

    • Well, truthfully, you missed the mark on many issues. Pistols, are by far a greater influence on most rock music, and noted. Not just punk. Many, many people call them influential. Comparing the Ramones to them, is almost insulting. Or, trying to suggest, Ramones were greater? Entirely false. Ramones, were still very much a “proto-punk” band. That said, took most of their influence from British artists, like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, the Bay City Rollers, and David Bowie etc.. Sure, and also US artists, like the Beach Boys and the Stooges. To add, Pistols took no such direction, really, although had their own influences. They also formed in 1975. They very much invented the model for Punk Rock. They were, in essence, the first true Punk Band. Construct. Now, neither the Velvet Underground, the Stooges, MC5, the New York Dolls, Dictators, etc.. were in any shape or form, Punk artists. Or, even, “proto-punk”? Yes, sure, you can call them that. And only that. There was no punk movement, then, and even so, US never had much of a punk movement. Or, when compared with UK. That said, the same can be said for UK. In so much as “proto-punk”. There were many influential artists, that could be called that. Since the 60s. Perhaps even, earlier. Yet, by 1970, many such artists. To add, none better than David Bowie, Mott the Hoople, T. Rex, Slade, The Sweet, Roxy Music, Hawkwind, Queen, Thin Lizzy, Pink Fairies, Dr. Feelgood, The Stranglers (1974), Eddie and the Hot Rods (1975) etc.. Most notably, the 60s produced, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Yardbirds, the Small Faces (Faces), Them, The Beatles, The Troggs, The Pretty Things, The Deviants, Cream, The Jeff Beck Group, [Pink Floyd],[Led Zeppelin], [Deep Purple], [Black Sabbath], [Free] etc.. without which, there would be no standard for Rock Music, or, psychedelic rock, progressive rock, and heavy metal. To add, Glam rock was also a British invention, and so too, “pub rock”, which ultimately led to “punk rock”. There were many such artists, across the spectrum. Brits essentially, dominated, in the 60s, 70s, and much of the 80s. Progressively. All music, all genres, classifications, and ultimately, the greatest influence. To this day.

  22. The Sex Pistols invented punk rock. To add, British music first influenced the likes of, Ramones, or any other band, for that matter, in so much as US artists. Early bands from the 60s, UK, were the major influence on all music. To this day. By 1970, UK was the major influence in all music. Everything basically stems from British music. To add, “Proto-punk” etc.. Hard rock, psychedelic rock, heavy metal. “Prog-rock”, Glam rock, [pub rock], etc.. and inevitably, “Punk rock”. Virtually, every genre, classification, sub-genre, had British artists to thank. For making it worthwhile, progressive, and influential. Nothing much Tops British Music.

    • Sorry, but you really know very little about music. First off the Ramones first album came out a year before the Sex Pistols so they weren’t influenced by them at all. They also had a very distinctive style which rarely changed over the years. The Sex pistols had one studio album. The Ramones had 14 Studio albums, 12 compilation albums and 6 live albums and 21 singles.

      Second, you say “Everything basically stems from British music” is an absolute joke. Fact: Rock & Roll originated in the USA. Rock & Roll came from blues, rhythm & blues, swing, etc.. all of which originated from the US. This is not just my opinion. Please educate yourself on the subject. Yes the UK played a major part in some of the music we listen to today, and there is great music from both sides of the pond, but to claim they started everything is lunacy.

      They didn’t start Rock & roll, blues, rhythm and blues, jive, swing, rap and even punk rock existed in the US before both bands. For example: The New York dolls, Velvet Underground and the Stooges. BOTH countries contributed to the music we listen to today. Both have great music.

  23. Yeah this is for the clown that said Fuck The Ramones, go fuck himself and fuck the sex pistols they were garbage listen to the music today it’s shit you listen to The Ramones and it’ll still rock your fucking nuts off so fuck you and the Sex Pistols dude

  24. The Ramones started punk, but unfortunately, at that time, went virtually unnoticed. The Sex Pistols, who before recording their album, we in the crowd at the Ramones first London show, took the music and made it “punk” with their nasty, anti-establishment attitude. Their Grundy interview brought them, and punk rock, into the public light… which probably makes them the most important punk band. That being said, “Young, Loud and Snotty”, by the extremely underrated Dead Boys, may be the best punk rock album of all time.

  25. This question came up on another post I saw on the internet. And talking of which there was none back in 1975 when The Sex Pistols formed. No one in England had ever heard of The Ramones in 1975 or early 1976 and there are plenty of youtube videos of Sex Pistols band members saying this. In 1975 The Ramones were as unknown in the USA as The Sex Pistols were in the UK. In fact it’s doubtful that anymore than a handful of close associates knew them in New York let alone America!

    The problem you have is the term ‘Punk Rock’ and that term being attributed to the English scene by Melody Maker journalist Caroline Coon after she did an article on the emerging scene in England back in August 1976 after seeing The Sex Pistols live. In this she lumped in all the American trash bands such as The Ramones. Again, look on youtube and you will see videos of Malcolm McLaren, Johnny Rotten & Glen Matlock disassociating themselves from the term although unfortunately for them it stuck. Without The Sex Pistols The Ramones would of died a death, no one would of heard of them. They came over to London in July to ride on the coattails of the emerging English scene. Yes members of The Sex Pistols were there-so what? Johnny for one once he’d seen them called them ‘Irrelevant long haired hippies’.

    The Sex Pistols already had an entourage of spiky haired followers made up of former Bowie & Roxy Music fans almost from day one in 1975, one such group known as ‘The Bromley Contingent’. They along with The Pistols/Jamie Reed/Vivienne Westwood/McLaren etc created the ‘look’ of what became known as Punk, none of them had ever heard or heard of The Ramones back then. And let’s face it, the Ramones looked like a bunch of trampy Black Sabbath fans!!!

    The New York Dolls definitely had an influence on the guitar sound of Steve Jones, but they were a Glam-Rock band in the mould of Slade, Sweet & Roxy Music which was big in England till the mid 70s. And yes McLaren did very briefly ‘manage’ the band for a couple of months but its stated his only contribution to them was dressing them in Red latex clothes from his Sex shop!

    The Sex Pistols were THE FIRST, the list of bands who formed after seeing them is endless, these include The Clash, The Damned, Generation X, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Adam And The Ants, Joy Division, The Fall, The Smiths & The Jam totally changed musical direction after seeing The Pistols live in 1976. Yes The Damned had the first Punk single ‘New Rose’, rush released to beat The Sex Pistols ‘Anarchy In The Uk’ which was recorded a month before New Rose. But they issued it on an small then unknown indi label. The Sex Pistols were looking for the the biggest and the best to get their music heard & were signed to EMI-after all they could pick and choose anyone they wanted as they all the major record labels wanted to sign them.

    Any influence The Ramones had came long AFTER ‘Punk Rock’ exploded after The Pistols Grundy show in 1976. Its irrelevant that they issued their album in early 1977 before ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’. Again, many of the Pistols tracks were already recorded in 1976 BEFORE The Ramones recorded their album. Also The Sex Pistols had been sacked from two major labels & we’re struggling to find a record label willing to take the risk in signing them so their initial release date of March 1977 had to be delayed.

    You can only be influenced by what you SEE or what you HEAR. No one in England associated with the English scene had ever heard of The Ramones so their influence of the first wave of English Punk is ZERO. The only thing they have in common is the word ‘Punk’ which they are associated with.

    The Sex Pistols songs were much slower, longer, more melodic yet still aggressive. The Sex Pistols & their fans were political, their music was inspired by the state of the country and the state of the music scene in England at the time. They had short, spiky hair often dyed. They wore ripped clothes, toilet chains, safety pins, German Nazi Military medals and insignia, Teddy boy drapes and brothel creepers, t-shirts and bondage gear designed by Vivienne Westwood. The Ramones were a speeded up 50s Rock N Roll ‘doo-wop’ band. They all had long hair-despised by anyone associated with the English scene. Their look and sound had no influence on the first wave of English bands whatsoever because no one had heard of them.

    I’ll end where I started. There was NO internet back then. Letters would take weeks to arrive from the USA and vice versa. Everything was word of mouth. People weren’t jetting off to London or New York for the weekend to see shows like they do now. There was no Punk on TV in 1975. And to be seen or heard you needed TV & after the Grundy Show in November 1976 the ‘cat was out the bag’. Without that maybe even The Sex Pistols would of died a death and faded into obscurity. We’ll never know. But the fact is they started it all, they were the first and they were certainly the most influential.

    The trouble with the internet is the facts often get ‘overlooked’ and rewritten to give more of a credit to bands who had less of an influence they they actually did. You only have to look at the timeline of events to know The Sex Pistols were the first, The Sex Pistols were the most original & they were certainly the best. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the music of The Ramones to the Sex Pistols or not, facts are facts.

  26. The Ramones played their first gig in 1974, when John Lydon was still a long haired hippie listening to Hawkwind.

    The Ramones put out two albums before the Sex Pistols put out their only album.

    The Sex Pistols (and the Clash and the Dammed) went to see the Ramones in the UK long before the SP toured the US.

    The Ramones had style. The SP were fashionable. From 1976 on everybody dressed like the Ramones. Including the Sex Pistols. Except for Johnny who dressed like Richard Hell.

    Johnny Ramone was the most influential guitarist of his generation. Steve Jones sounded like Johnny Thunders.

    Sid learned to play bass by listening to Ramones albums.

    OK maybe last point not valid. Sid never learned to play bass.

  27. Joey said the Sex Pistols always wanted to fight the ramones for some reason. He said one night they wanted to come back stage to see the ramones and so they pissed in their beer and Johnny Ramone gave Johnny rotten the piss beer and he drank it without noticing anything.


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