the Louder Than War recipe for vegan coconut soup

Last month I stuck a photo of my vegan coconut soup up on Instagram.


A lot of people asked the recipe…so here it is.

Real meat eating tough guys can leave now!

I’ve been one of those weedy, grey skinned vegans for years now. It’s no big deal and it’s a personal thing. What people eat is their business but this is a really nice soup for anyone no matter what they normally eat and it’s really easy to make so you don’t have to be embarrassed about not being able to cook to make it…




the Louder Than War recipe for vegan coconut soup

This is a list of ingredients. The amount you can put in of each thing is up to you…


Sweet potato




Black rice noodles or quinoa.



Coconut oil

Tin of black beans




Yeast flakes

Dried seaweed


Now it’s time to cook

Boil a pan of water.

Add the cut up vegetables (best cut them into fairly small pieces) and garlic and ginger. Add the tougher vegetables in first and the easier to cook ones in second.

After a couple of minutes turn down from boiling and simmer.


Add a tea spoon of Turmeric powder and a couple of spoons of coconut oil. Coconut oil is the secret weapon- it’s not really oil, it’s like a paste and comes in a jar. You can buy it in most places now- even supermarkets stock it. It’s great stuff and gives everything a taste of coconut.


Add in the noodles or the quinoa. The noodles look amazing- nice gothic black colour. You can add any noodles you like really or use quinoa instead- the wonder grain from the Andes- really good for you in so many different ways.


Then add in the black beans and the tofu for all your protein needs.


Turn off the heat and mix in the miso. Miso is another secret weapon. It’s a Japanese stock made from soya beans

Let it sit for a minute then add the yeast flakes on top- you can buy these in a tin from health food shops- I like the one with added B12 which is the only thing a Vegan diet (and most other diets) is short of.

Sprinkle the seaweed flakes on top (you can buy seaweed in health food shops and Holland and Barret, there’s several different types, Wakame is really nice- if you get that then add it to the soupe earlier as it needs soaking…if you get Nori add that right at the end) and let them soak up the water and then serve…



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