Second coming of Christ is May 21 according to American organisationThese are strange times and the only stable currency is fear, so it’s no wonder that the prophets are out in force.
Sweeping the USA is a story that has snowballed into a full blown belief that Jesus Christ will return for his second coming on May 21st.

The prediction made by Harold Camping, general manager of Family Radio and a Bible teacher, published a book ‘1994?, A Prediction’ In this weighty tomb he predicted Christ’s return was likely pointing to 1994 with the possibility that it will happen in 2011. He now claims that ‘the rapture’ will be on May 21, 2011 followed by the end of the world on October 21 of the same year. Camping wrote “Adam when?” and claimed the Biblical calendar meshes with the secular and is accurate from 11,013 BC”“2011 AD.

They claim that The Bible predicts his return on May 21st and plan a huge multiple million dollar billboard campaign to promote their view. The billboards, which are up already in places like Nashville, Detroit and Omaha, Nebraska, show three wise men on camels and the star of Bethlehem with the message, “He is coming again.”

Campings Family Radio wesite is currently displaying a countdown clock and assures us of ‘the rapture’ with the message “The Bible guarantees it”

There is already a bus driving through America spreading the news and thousands of followers.

Quite what Jesus will make of his current flock is open to speculation but the multiple million dollar god industry seems a long way away from the humble and frankly quite honorable man of legend.

Others have previously declared Camping to be “a heretic” – Have a look HERE

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