Sea Power announce a new single, new album and a new band name

There are not many bands who, two decades into their career, decide to announce a name change, but that’s exactly what British Sea Power have done.

Henceforth, after years of thinking about it, they will simply be known as Sea Power, as they say they were aware that it’s entirely possible to misunderstand their old moniker as indicating old-fashioned and insular nationalism.

They say that the same change is a modest gesture of separation from the wave of crass nationalism that has blighted the world recently. It’s not lost on them that their old name didn’t really represent a group that have always been internationalist in outlook, most notably on the authentic Waving Flags, which they describe as a hymn to pan-European congress.

To mark this milestone, Sea Power are announcing their first album in five years, Everything Was Forever, released on 11th February 2022.

Their hardcore fans can get a sample of what it sounds like on the their new single, Two Fingers, billed as an anthem for these troubled times, as the lyrics cover morality, defiance, HP Lovecraft and V-signs.

The song’s chorus focuses on the classic two-fingered gesture that can signal both contempt – fuck you – or resolution – V for victory. They want to send a righteous F U to the self-serving figureheads of this era, but typically the track is full of hope and oppositional vigour.

“The song is part inspired by our late dad,” says co-frontman Yan. “He was always giving a two-fingered salute to people on the telly – a kind of old-fashioned drinking term, toasting people or events: ‘I’ll drink two fingers to that,’ to some news item or to memories of a childhood friend.

“In the song, it’s a toast to everyone, remembering those in our lives and those sadly no longer here, and to making the world a better place. The song is ‘F*** me, f*** you, f*** everything,’ but it’s also, ‘Love me, love you, love everything’ – exultation in the darkness. If you say ‘f*** you’ in the right way, it really can be cathartic, a new start.”

Stream Sea Power – Two Fingers (Radio Edit) by Sea Power here.

Sea Power can be found here, they’re also on Facebook and Twitter.


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