Ses Pistols turn down Olympics gig
Ses Pistols turn down Olympics gig

Sex Pistols turn down Olympics gig
Sex Pistols turn down Olympics gig
The Sex Pistols have turned down the Olympics gig that is planned for the opening ceremony of the games this year.


The plan was to have music from every decade represented at this show and whilst the organisers must be patted on the back for admitting the existence of punk, they were always going to be on a  hiding to nothing trying to get a punk band to play.

The Pistols are in a limbo at the moment with John Lydon busy with PiL and the new PiL album about to come out, reforming the Pistols would have wiped out all the good will for that project. Also the sight of the Pistols playing the Olympics would have been a bit strange!

This leaves a bit of a gap for the punk band slot- The Clash without Joe Strummer is tricky, Buzzcocks? Stranglers? The Jam? nothing seems to fit- what do you think?

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  1. mmm…difficult. There’s a balance to be struck these days between being anti establishment and actually getting gigs so that people realise that punk is still out there ! without new (younger) fans, where does punk go ? oh and rick bethell – you’re a tosser.

  2. My money would be on some form of Clash line up doing London Calling. Who would sing I don’t know but that’s my guess.

      • Yeah. Daft as it sounds I hadn’t considered him !!!
        MJ singing could easily pull it off if they so desired. And let’s quit the talk of ‘sell out’ etc. It’s the Olympics ffs, untold millions are unaware punk even exists, give them some exposure to it.

  3. Subway Sect performing “Nobody’s Scared” and/or Nightingales with “Part Time Moral England” would be a blast.

  4. THE DAMNED… Obviously. Noted as being the first UK punk band to release their single back in the release race. ‘Smash It Up’ might be apt, following the dick head ‘rioters’ that we endured recently. The captain could pull double duties and perform some comical version of ‘Happy Talk’. Maybe UK SUBS could perform Warhead and cause a little of the controversy punk rock was famous for?

  5. What a joke. The olympics are a pointless exercise in putting steroid guzzling, prima donna athletes up on a pedestal. A cash cow for Seb Coe and his corporate building firm mates. Any band playing this would be driving another nail into the coffin of punk.

  6. well for me seen as it’s the olympics in London , maybe it should be the cockney rejects, a real punk band – who unlike other Punk bands of that era didn’t sell out and are a london band…as for the Sex Pistols, PiL or the Clash all bands that are in my opinion overated…

    • if the Cockney Rejects played this gig then they absolutely WOULD have sold out! how much more corporate establishment could you get???????????

  7. seems to me that Punk needs to take part some how – as ignoring the Olympics allows all those in gross favour of it to be in charge. Any punk band playing can make a massive statement – either for or against it!

    all of these bands are now commercialised whether we like it or not.

  8. Hiya,

    The Members it is and will be the sound of the suburbs.

    So is this


  9. Buzzcocks might be a shout after Shelley did the music for C4’s Tour de France coverage.
    Or, as he put it, “Got four and half grand for ripping off Frere Jacques.”

  10. Clash without Joe…NOT an option! Would have to be either The Damned singing Smash it Up, The Stranglers singing No More Heroes or Buzzcocks doing Boredom :)

  11. I just saw on the internet that they will only be paid a nominal fee of £1, while the recording rights have been sold to Universal Music under an exclusive licensing deal with the London Organising Committee

    • THAT’S a reason not to play in itself. Crooked, corrupt bastards.

      Sex Pistols were the obvious choice.

      However, Buzzcocks and Howard Devoto are playing onstage together shortly. Magazine are on top form (really top form)…

      Buzzcocks + Magazine
      There you go.

      You can work out the supports later.
      No pantomime parody punk bands either, please, it’s not a nostalgia fest.

  12. If they had any integrity, who would want to be associated with this expression of international corporate power and sporting corruption anyway?? I propose Gary Glitter. It’s who the I.O.C and Boris deserves.

  13. Truth be told, all the bands mentioned so far are fine by me. The problem is that the general public will only really know the Pistols and Clash. I’d be happy with ‘Shot by both sides’ but I’m sure most people wouldn’t know it (to their detriment of course)

    So speaking purely from a populist view, I reckon they will go for some Clash line up singing LC. (assuming they are interested, which they possibly aren’t)

  14. it would have to be the ruts with Henry Rollins taking up vocal duties. I was at the gig in islington and without a doubt it was the best gig i have ever been at. For my close second place killing joke just to throw the rat amongst the pigeons!

  15. let`s hope no one does would be shameful and embarrassing to the legacy of a politically motivated movement!!!

  16. I couldnt think of anything worse than a punk band being picked for the Olympics. Talk about being brought into the establishment. Fuck the olympics and its ego stroke for the politicians. Never mind that most people in this country cant afford to live, but still they can find billions too blow on 2 weeks of dull entertainment.

  17. Surely there can only be one punk band that fits the bill:


    performing the magical DO A RUNNER album in its entirety

  18. The Damned are the only band still going strong. And talking about selling out, Johnny Rotten sells butter and Iggy sels car insurance!

  19. The Cockney Rejects doing ” Ready to Ruck” would be great, with javelins , shot puts and pole vaults to hand could be a very funny performance !


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