Scott Lee Andrews, formerly Exit_International / Midasuno - Profile PicScott Lee Andrews – Jaws of Death Vol#2

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Recent LTW ‘New Artist Of The Day’ Scott Lee Andrews second release expands on his abrasive Jaws of Death debut with five new tracks. Christopher Lloyd reviews.

The EP kicks off with the massive ‘Cupid Stunts’, a track that was apparently a product of a discussion between Scott and your correspondent about being a parent, but still retaining subversive ideologies.  I’m not sure if I should be flattered or not, but it’s simply the best song Weezer never wrote, an insanely catchy song that burrows into your ear and straight up refuses to budge.

As Cupid Stunts ends, so does the poppiness. The bulk of Jaws Of Death #2 comes across like Scott’s former band ‘Exit_International’ as possessed by Big Black. Though the production value isn’t high, the range of styles and sounds on display here are impressive. ‘Lunatic Fringe’ throws gigantic riffs to sleazy electronic funk, whilst ‘Witch Cums Crashing’ broods menacingly before a cacophonous chorus kicks in. Let it be said that Scott Lee Andrews gives good chorus.

Jaws of Death Vol#2 is part of five planned JOD releases, and is a sonically different beast to it’s predecessor, and with such an eclectic yet coherent bunch of songs on display here it’s safe to say Volumes #3-5 will be anything if not surprising.

Track List:

  1. Cupid Stunts
  2. Draw Me Like One Of Yr Belgian Girlz
  3. …Like Porno Without The Fucking
  4. Witch Cums Crashing
  5. Lunatic Fringe


Available to purchase at Scott Lee Andrews Official Bandcamp Page.

Words by Christopher Lloyd. For more by Christopher, check out his author’s archive.




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