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Scott and Charlene’s Wedding – interview

An ace new album, a split single with Fawn Spots and a UK tour about to kick off – Sarah Lay has a chat to Scott and Charlene’s Wedding’s Craig Dermody.

The latest album from Scott and Charlene’s Wedding, Any Port in a Storm, is a brilliantly realised surf-grunge soundtrack to loneliness and relocation. It focuses on main man Craig Dermody’s move from Melbourne to New York and captures in a down to earth but touching way the everyday tales of his life.

At Louder Than War it’s been one of our albums of the year so far and we were thrilled to hear the band would be putting out a split single with Fawn Spots, a band who we released on the LTW label last year.

With a UK tour about to start we thought it would be a good time to catch up with Craig Dermody and the band.

LTW: Tell us the story of Any Port in a Storm – where did the inspiration come from and how long was it in creation for? Did you find that the process had changed from your previous album (2010’s Para Vista Social Club)?

Craig Dermody: The writing for this album took place from about June ish 2011 but most of the songs were written early 2012.

Most of the inspiration came from my pretty standard places, girls, crap jobs and the place that I was living in – New York.

I wrote in the same way for this record as the others, basically just ploughing away on any guitar I can find telling stories about things that are on my mind.

LTW: How would you describe the new album to others?

CD: I like to think of it as being just honest, maybe funny. I hope others see it that way too.

LTW: Australia, America, all the touring – where is home? Is it a place or a feeling?

CD: Home is where the dog is, ha! I mean my best mate’s dog back home in Melbourne. When I’m hanging with her and my Melbourne crew I know I’m home.

LTW: You hand-painted all the covers for your previous album, how important is the artwork to you in the process of creating an album? Is it something you definitely feel you want to have input or get hands on with?

CD: I love painting so it is important to be in control of the visual aspects of the band. The music is not really related to the paintings aside from them being very me but they come from different places in my mind.


LTW: How do you feel your favourite bands have influenced your own path as a musician? Have they influenced your style or technique?

CD: I’m a massive fan and my style is very much based on my favourite bands.

Especially in the Melbourne scene, I found my friends bands to be a bigger influence on me than famous ones. Just watching them play every week inspired me and I learnt a lot from it.

LTW: What’s next for the band? What’s the plan for after the tour? Another album in the pipeline?

I’m writing right now. I’ll most likely keep making records forever so I reckon the plan is to just keep doing that and working hard.

LTW: And as you’re touring – what’s popular on the tour bus stereo? Which bands would you recommend to LTW?

The latest Jack Farley recording Bitch Prefect is sounding bangin’ and we’re listening to heaps of White Fence.

I also heard that Foxygen band in the van the other day for the first time. I think I’m the last one to the party but they are super bangin’ too.


The split single with Fawn Spots is released on Critical Heights on 5 August 2013.

Catch Scott and Charlene’s Wedding on tour:

  • 6 Aug Zephyr Lounge, Leamington Spa
  • 7 Aug Shipping Forecast, Liverpool
  • 8 Aug Tye Die Tapes Present, Sheffield (with Fawn Spots)
  • 9 Aug The Head of Steam, Newcastle (with Fawn Spots)
  • 10 Aug In Store – Sound It Out Records, Stockton On Tees
  • 10 Aug The Woolpack Inn, York (with Fawn Spots)
  • 11 Aug In Store – Urban Outfitters York, York
  • 12 Aug The Jackalope – Manchester (with Fawn Spots)
  • 13 Aug Wharf Chambers, Leeds
  • 14 Aug Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester
  • 15 Aug In Store – The Music Exchange, Nottingham
  • 15 Aug The Hairy Dog, Derby (with Fawn Spots)
  • 16 Aug Yard Party Festival, London
  • 16 Aug In Store – Flashback Records, London

Interview by Sarah Lay. You can read more from Sarah on LTW here or follow her on Twitter.

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