Part experimental music creator, part carnival machine the Mammoth Beat Organ is the gonzo creation of techno producer Graham Dunning and creator of eccentric and brilliant instruments Sam Underwood (whose output as ORE is an LTW favourite)

To fully explain the creation of the instrument and their goals the duo state:

“The Dunning Underwood Mammoth Beat Organ is a modular, mechanical music contraption, created by Sam Underwood and Graham Dunning. Designed as a two-player,  semi-autonomous musical instrument, it plays unusual, sometimes erratic compositions drawing on drone music, minimalist repetition and fairground organ techniques.

This is the first instrument built in collaboration between artists Dunning and Underwood.  Its ambitious scale and scope driven by their mutual interest in creating engaging live performances and letting the machine decide some of the outcomes. Their history in pushing the boundaries of performance [Mechanical Techno] and sound [Giant Feedback Organ] come together in this new machine.

This is just the start of the project. With the core system in place Dunning and Underwood are keen to develop existing and new modules that exploit the unique way this contraption functions. They hope to drive this development through performing regular live shows across the world. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this.”

For more information visit their website

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