Save The Buffalo Bar Petition Passes 4,000 SignaturesThousands add their names in first two days to save closure-threatened London venue.

The news last week that London’s Buffalo Bar is to be forced to close after 14 years, has spurred bands and music fans into action to save it.

A petition launched by Darryl Chamberlain has received widespread support from bands such as The Horrors, The Subways, who play the venue on 3rd December, and politicians including London Assembly member Darren Johnson.

Signatory Trevor McCabe of London gave his support to the campaign on stating:

“This venue is vital to the vibrant DIY music scene. London needs to treasure what it has and not trash it. How many gastro pubs do we need? Save the Buffalo Bar!”

The latest development from the campaign to save the venue is that it is the freeholder, County Estate Pubs Ltd, that appears to be behind the decision to close the Buffalo Bar.

Petition organiser Darryl Chamberlain said:

“County Estate owns the building, Stonegate (Pub company) leases it. All new signatures are now going to County Estate Pubs, but if you want to write a polite email telling the firm how much the Buffalo Bar means to you, drop it a line at their website. Thanks again for your support. Let’s keep the Buffalo Bar open!”

If you want to add your support you can sign the petition at where there are more suggestions to rally support to make the freeholder thing again.

It’s our culture and we have to fight for it. To paraphrase Jarvis Cocker’s sleeve notes to Common People:

There is a war in progress, don’t be a casual(ty). The time to decide whose side you’re on is here. Choose wisely. Keep the Buffalo Bar alive into 2015.

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