Samantha Brick: How wrong can you be?

Wow, the Daily Mail really know what they’re doing when it comes to making us women seem mental, don’t they?

First Liz Jones and her sperm-looting claims that all women want babies whether they say so or not, and now a new contender in Samantha Brick, who claims that almost all women hate her because she’s too good-looking.

We all know where we should start with a counter-argument to that, but we’re not going to go there, because we really don’t think it’s necessary. And passing comment on her looks at all would probably only add fuel to her argument. We couldn’t actually give a brick what she looks like, but her attitude does the rest of us several disservices.

Firstly, the idea that we can’t overcome our urge to compete with anyone more attractive than ourselves. We’ve all had to get used to the fact that there are those less back-of-buslike than ourselves in a society which tells us over and over again that our looks are very important. So while it’s ingrained in us that this is how we might be judged, it’s something we’re used to dealing with.

Certainly strangers might give and receive judgments based on appearances alone, but if people who know you dislike you then it’s probably based something else, and to imagine it’s all about looks is to miss an opportunity for a bit of self-reflection of a different kind.

By the time a woman meets Samantha Brick she’s probably already had several years of comparing herself to various models, celebrities and prettier friends and colleagues to the point where she can’t be arsed to make a special case.

She will also have learned, by the time she has grown up, that looks count for very little when it comes to making friends. Beautiful people are nice to look at. If they’re nice people, they shouldn’t have any problem getting on with other perfectly reasonable people.

Surely if we were all jealous of people more attractive than ourselves then there would be some sort of hierarchy whereby every woman would be able to claim mistreatment from all other women less attractive than herself, and there’d be a chorus of ‘me too’ on Twitter instead of ‘wtf?’.

Women would only be able to truly befriend those of exactly the same point on the magical scale of attractiveness – which does not exist, because we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For evidence, see Samantha’s assessment of her appearance versus a few other people’s assessment of it on Twitter and Facebook today.

There’s also a conveniently big gap in the story where Samantha tells us how she feels about people more attractive than her. Could it be that some of them are appearing in her piece as the horrible women who don’t like her, because she’s jealous? It’s more complicated than it looks, this hierarchy.

Samantha has shot herself in the foot by writing first about how she flirts to get ahead, and then about women hating her because she’s beautiful.

Samantha, people don’t hate beautiful people for being beautiful, but a lot of people don’t like people who use their sexuality to get ahead. It’s this which devalues our entire gender and panders to the idea that our looks are the be-all and end-all, something we’re still fighting to overcome, and none of us need people like you reducing that struggle to tits and lipstick.

If you’re not capable of achieving anything without resorting to flirting then maybe you should think about skilling up a bit, or trying to achieve something you’re more suited to, like… well, no idea, because you’ve not really talked about anything other than your appearance. Even you are only judging yourself on how you look.

To any normal woman trying to go about her business being a decent human being (which is a greater achievement, by the way, than going to the gym a lot, avoiding chocolate and dressing to the nines) to see someone flirt their way through life instead is infuriating. Not because we’re jealous, but because it sets the rest of us back years, tries to force us all into the same ridiculous arena, and enforces the idea that men hold all the cards so we need to appease the penis in order to get anywhere. It’s insulting to all women, not to mention men. Are those the kind of values you want your daughter to grow up with? Presuming you either have one or desperately want one, obviously.

That thing that you interpret as jealousy is more than likely the kind of mistrust that you’ve cultivated by flirting with people’s partners and undermining their more valuable qualities, as well as neglecting your own.

Hilarious Samantha Brick article from Vice 




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  1. Well said. I worked as an investment banker for years and encountered quite a few 'flirty' women of exactly this type; they were despised by both male and female colleagues, and rarely reigned long in an environment which, in spite of what you hear in the press, was based on individual merit and mutual respect. Women have to realise that with rights come responsibilities, one of which is not to allow themselves to be infantilised. Act like a spoilt child and you will be treated like one, by men and women alike. I hear women blaming the 'patriarchal system' for this state of affairs; this is nonsense and has long ceased to be a 'reason': it is now an excuse. Women need to stop kidding themselves, stop colluding with and pandering to (some) neanderthal male attitudes, grow some self-respect, and treat others, men and women, with the same.

  2. ffs…..i know many better looking tranny's , let alone women….deluded with a bad attitude…perfection.

    • Well i dont really know any trannies Nigel but i get your drift and have to admit this sad individual has a problem lol

  3. Could it be that people hate Samantha Brick not because of her appearance, but because she’s a bit of a twat? Just a thought

  4. Putting two links to the Daily Mail’s website in the article is just playing into their hands – all they are after is more web traffic to please their advertisers. By all means discuss their articles, but surely it’s counter productive to hand money to them on a plate like this!


    Please watch, as yes it is very complicated indeed! she has come to view, that the only way toget ahead is to behave this way! not saying she will get ahead, but history shows women of the good ol days of cinamatics , the only way toget ahead was to visit the directors couch! it isn't right but please do not belive womens liberation has alterted this, it has just transformed and been repackedged to make us belive its our choice for women to be highly sexulised and flirt, as liberation and taking control of our sexuality! mayby this story of this type of narrow minded attertude, is just what we need to reasses just how much we as a society invest in this idea of an "ideal" beauty and if those who do not fit such an modle (which of casue is everyone!) are some how a faliure is obviously flawed but its consequences can be devistating as seen when girls as young as 8 want to go on a diets. but please watch the lectures X B.

  6. Sam E. Hampson

    Who's mirror is she looking in?

  7. Steve Tillston

    Think she’s just saying it to get a few extra reader for the rag she works for. Sad as it is it seems to be working. If she’s genuinely serious and believes her own opinion who gives a toss? Everybody likes different people but there’s something to be said about people who think they’re beautiful. Very strange. Even if she was what is considered as beautiful (which in my opinion she isn’t) it doesn’t make her any more appealing to anyone because to be honest she seems like a fairly empty entity inside. Get a grip of yourself love because I don’t think people are queuing up to get with you.

  8. Remember "I love Brick' in Father Ted, the brilliant comedy? He had a brick on a peice of string? Classic moment- Poor Sandra I love my beautiful female friends and tell them so , and compliment them because they are nice women!

  9. Áine Ní Aileacháin

    If this woman is so good looking, why am I so strongly reminded of Gillian McKeith?

  10. Thank you for this reasonable comment. why does everything in popular media have to center on looks?? I am a female of my early twenties and studied Biology in college and am working in a research lab. Let’s just say I happen to have several female friends and colleagues who are very good looking, intelligent, and altogether great people. They have all achieved great things so far (a couple bound for medical school, one for a prestigious law school, and one dental school). I have gotten compliments myself for my looks sometimes (mainly when I’m dolled up for a night out. I’m not a bombshell or anything). We all date and our partners appreciate us for both intelligence and looks.

    Maybe it is the university culture, but here people don’t make such a big deal when a girl is smart and pretty and successful. First of all beauty is subjective as it is. Here, people study and work hard and get what comes out of that. Not all guys are pigs who degrade women. They appreciate those who have a brain and are of good character. Likewise not all women are jealous of other attractive women. And there is no such thing as being too good looking to get a job, no matter how you look your accomplishments should speak for themselves.

    So I am thankful for this article for shedding light on reason and I think media should stop giving attention to ridiculous stories like Brick’s.

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