Salford hip hop pioneers Class Actions release Justice for Hillsborough compilationClass Actions– Salford’s very own on Electro Rap/Hip Hop pioneers have put together a Hillsborough awareness compilation entitled ‘Rip Up The Sun, R.I.P. The Victims’ which is downloadable from from Monday 8th April.

Here is David Brooke’s review of the album……

“Last year’s release of Rip Up the Sun could not have been better timed. A year that saw the death of News International and the vindication of those who tragically died on that day in April 1989 had allowed a nation to see the murky world of our nation’s most right-wing media. This year’s re-release is a timely reminder to mourn the death of those who had lost their lives and to continue to fight for justice against the unholy trio of the SYPD, Murdoch’s empire, and the Thatcher government. In the immortal words of Joe Hill, “don’t mourn, organise.”

“A natural aggression is a trademark of Class Actions sound. Unashamedly political, in a time when most musicians shy away from big issues, Class Actions message of working class solidarity amongst football fans confronts the sterilised nature of the modern game. It is to remind us that the Hillsborough struggle is not just Liverpool’s, but all of ours, even for fans on the other side of the M60. Class Actions speak the language of anger, because there is a deep sincerity to it. It is rooted in the working class experience of every day, where many will feel frustrated with more austerity, political corruption, and increasing injustices, Class Actions articulate that anger, they appropriate it and offer a message of solidarity, organisation, and most importantly to fight back.”

Salford hip hop pioneers Class Actions release Justice for Hillsborough compilation

“Class Actions have cleverly assembled a collection of artists (including Salford music legend Markus De Rawkus) that share these ideals. Receiving no coverage from the main stream media (not that they want it), Mark Gorman, The_Molotov, and D.I.S.L Automatic have all found fame on perhaps the last form of a democratic media. Each share a passion of anger, a tone of aggression, a desire for change.”

“Class Actions have never shied away from controversy, choosing to what is natural to them, rather than what is expected. And they have always sought to incorporate a multitude of voices that share a similar understanding, often using voice overs from veterans in the class struggle. The collection of poetry at the end is Class Actions loyalty to this perspective, the perspective for an increased dialogue that appreciates the power of language.”

“The compilation serves to commemorate those who tragically died in April ’89 by continuing a fidelity to justice. The tragedy for Liverpool football club was a tragedy for all football fans.”

The lead track from the album:


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  1. Class Actions – the Prodigy meets the House of Pain meets the Sex Pistols! Saw these guys literally ripping it up @ Islington Mill last year, awesome live!

  2. Brilliant… maximum respect from a Celtic fan. Loved the title track, ‘In The Red’ & the poem ‘Justice For The 96’

  3. Mark Gorman’s track ‘No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care’ is the best on the album, already a bit of a legend on youtube. I also like Yorkshire Matt’s poem proper raw & the German Hip Hop on it is decent. All in all its really worth downloading and good to see musicians doing something worthwhile.

  4. Brilliant stuff here. The incorporation of ‘a multitude of voices ‘is truly integrating their politics into their art. This is for all football fans, regardless of their club, and for all of the working class, regardless of their town. Cheers to Class Actions for putting that thought in people’s ears.

  5. This is so awesome – as you said, it’s rare to see musicians really taking on the tough political issues, possibly for fear of being painted a color or losing popularity, so it’s refreshing to see these guys getting in to it. I’m going to have to check these guys out.


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